Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday Surprise

What a surprising weekend this turned out to be!
We had our scheduled visit from Tyler on Friday until Saturday evening.

We had a great time...making countless batches of Playdoh cookies,
and spent a little time outside with the animals.

Looking for duck eggs was this visit's highlight.

A look of consternation illustrated his obvious disappointment
when he realized that there was not going to be a duckling hatching from that egg...

not to mention utter dismay when I informed him that we would be eating that egg for breakfast!

This weekend's surprise came on Sunday,
when our new rescue puppy was delivered to the farm.

Meet Annie (as in Little Orphan Annie)...

I had found Annie's picture on our local animal rescue's website on Saturday.
We scheduled a visit Saturday and immediately fell in love with this little gal.

Annie is (they guess) between 2 and 4 months old.
She was found abandoned in an old shed nearly starved to death.
That was one week ago.
She screamed in terror whenever anyone would approach her.

A week later she had put on a little weight, been checked by the vet and found to be 
amazingly healthy despite her ordeal.

And so, we decided that this little girl needed to have her life turned completely around.

She arrived yesterday and spent the first few hours cuddling on the couch.
By afternoon, she was ready for a little exploring.

Friends and neighbors stopped to meet her.

Each hour she became more and more relaxed.

By dinner time, her tail was wagging and she was playing with her new toys.

I know it's very early to say this...
but our Annie is going to be a super, duper addition to the family!
We already love her to pieces.
I will keep you up with her progress.

Oh, and just in the little time we worked with her,
she learned to "come" on command and "sit" for a treat.
A dog who is highly food-motivated is a dream to train!


  1. Oh Bev, that is so exciting! She is beautiful, and obviously very smart. So sad that she went through such suffering before she found her way to you. I am sure she will bring you great joy, and vice versa. She has well and truly landed on her paws!


  2. Hooray! I am so happy that you have a new puppy to love! She is the luckiest of all rescue dogs!

  3. omg...annie is so cute!!! i am so happy you found her and brought her home! she just won the puppy lottery!!!

  4. Annie's beautiful. Congrats for the new family member.

  5. She looks like a sweetheart! Congratulations!


  6. Good Morning. Tyler looks just like you in the first picture of him holding the egg...priceless!! And all I can say is Annie is beautiful and one luck dog!! Can't wait to see many more pictures of her.

  7. What a cute addition to your family! Looking forward to tails of Annie's adventures...puppies are so much fun!

  8. What a beautiful girl! Every animal deserves a good life and she is so lucky to get it. I love starting my Monday like this......

  9. Beautiful! And thank you again for rescuing! It makes a fellow animal rescuer's heart smile when I see one end up in such a wonderful home!

  10. Beautiful! Thank you for rescuing! It makes a fellow rescuer's heart smile when I see one has ended up in a great home!

  11. Thank you and bless you for the Monday morning tears of happiness over Annie! That poor sweetie, safe and happy now! You are awesome!!!! Terri C

  12. What a lucky, and cute, little girl! Much happiness to all!
    xo Kris

  13. She's a cutie..She's going to have a very good life.....Lucky Annie...Lucky you too...

  14. What a sweetheart of a dog. So glad you got to rescue her. Have a wonderful week. Looking forward to hearing more...especially how she does around the other animals.

  15. Oh she is a doll baby! Looks a lot like our Buddy who is now seven. Just makes you want to squeeze her!

  16. Such a beautiful little one... I am so happy you have brought her home to love.. I know she will be happy living on the farm with you all.

  17. Oh she is cute , I am soo glad you found each other . I know she will have a wonderful life with you all on the farm . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  18. Oh, I just don't get how people can be cruel, but for every cruel person, there are hundreds more like you and your family, Bev! LOVE does conquer all!! From Karla in Coal City, IL

  19. Oh lucky Annie - she's been sent to the best place of all to live. : )

  20. I am sooo glad to hear how well Annie is doing and that she is no longer screaming when anyone comes near her. Most animals simply need affection and it in time they lose their fear... but I know you already know that.

    Can't wait to watch Annie grow up on your farm. xox

  21. Annie is so darn cute!!!!! I think she is a wonderful addition, and appears to be exceptionally smart too! Look forward to watching her grow up!

  22. I'm certain she's settling in well right now. She's probably unaware that she hit the doggy jackpot by being adopted by you. She'll understand soon enough. Congratulations on the new baby girl. :)

  23. What a cutie patootie! So glad she found a home with you. I'm sure she will thrive!


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