Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We interrupt Springtime to bring you a brief message from our sponsor...
Old Man Winter!

Seriously, a lot of you commented that you had snow.
Thankfully, yesterday, we had rain...
lots of rain.

Our day was spent inside, except for those times that we were out
tending to the animals.
Heated waterers and heat lamps were turned back on,
as the next several nights are to be below freezing.

I can't tell you how many times I played fetch with this little girl...

Indoor play was the day's activity...

except for a brief doggie nap time that allowed me to finish this summer
scarf that I have been knitting.

It is knitted from a cotton/cashmere yarn that I just love.
I love it so much that I just started another in a different color palette.

Looks like Spring chores are on hold for a couple of days.
But that's ok...I have a long list of indoor chores that need tending!

PS:  I may have mentioned yesterday that Annie is a holy terror.
Actually, she is really a great little accidents in the house, sleeps through the night, etc.
What I was referring to is that she has become quite comfortable with her new home,
and is truly acting like a puppy.
She steals shoes every chance she gets, as well as laundry,
and tears around the house like she's possessed!
Non-stop fun, fun, fun!!


  1. awwwww....annie is so cute! it snowed here all day and all night!

  2. Love favorite part? How she walks right under Oakley! If the breed mix you've been told is correct, one day Oakley and Sam may be able to walk under her! Such a cutie pie!

  3. Between dogs and knitting you know how to have fun on a yukky day!!

  4. Love, love, love the scarf!! The colors are so vibrant! Annie is adorable,no wonder she won your hearts. :-)

  5. I am with Candice--when she walked under Oakley was so sweet. You have great dogs for them to be so accommodating of the new little girl. :)

  6. I love the scarf!!! I want some of that yarn. What's the name of it? And could you share the pattern? My fingers are itchin'.

    Gotta' love a puppy!

    1. Karen, I emailed you the info, but for anyone else who is interested. The pattern for the scarf is a free download from Ravelry. It is called the Downtown Cowl. I used a yarn that is 90% cotton, 10% cashmere. It is a hand dyed yarn called Autumn Wind from Trendsetter yarns. I used the color "African Safari". The next scarf is in the color "Very Berry"...I should have that done in another week or so.

  7. Aww! Sweet video! Love the scarf!

  8. Cute video ! Annie is soo sweet , they all are ! Yes I thought the same as Candice and Carla when Annie walked under Oakley ! Yup we got snow yesterday then icy this morning but sun is out temps are rising and all is melting fast ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  9. The colors on the scarf are just beautiful.
    A kiss to Annie F. from Annie V.

  10. You and Annie really did make fun creative day from one where Old Man Winter sucker-punched all of us--And the scarf is lovely, I hope today has been a nice day as well!

  11. Cute video..Happy puppy..Love your scarf..

  12. Annie is looking more relaxed & confident leach day. She seems to have overcome her rough beginning in life. All that love & attention you & Hubbs have been giving her has turned Annie into a happy & awfully cute puppy. I like how when she chased the ball she slowed down when she reached the wall & didn't just crash into the wall like a lot of pups do (being a girl probably accounts for that control). Such a cute video & the music was perfect. I really like the pattern of your area rugs.
    Love the light Summer scarf. It would transform even a plain tee shirt into something really special. You have become a knitting fiend. Too complicated for me, I'll just stick to quilting where not as much precise eye hand coordination is needed.

  13. Well I am glad to see Annie coming to life! She sure is cute and has a wonderful personality to go with. Here eyes talk alot! LOL


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