Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Waxes and Wanes

I hesitate to say this,
because saying it means that I am acknowledging it.
And, honestly, it makes me a little crazy!

First, the good news:
Spring has arrived in the front horse pasture.
There are daffodils popping up all over...beautiful.
Now, the part that makes me crazy:
Temps are to plummet down into the 20's tonight with a possibility of snow.

Yes, really.
So, quite possibly my daffodils will only last 2 days.
You might remember me saying yesterday that we had temps in the 80's on Sunday.
What is up with this weather?

Well, let's finish enjoying yesterday's warmth before we consider today's freeze,

I finished my new pumpkin patch yesterday.
The chicken fence is up, the gate is finished, the sign is hung.
Check, check, check.
Oh, how I love accomplishing things on the long list.
(Why is it that the list never gets any shorter?)

This garden will be home to our corn crop, our cabbage (for sauerkraut) and 
of course, our pumpkins and winter squash!
But let's not get ahead of ourselves, ok?
After all, pumpkins mean Autumn...
and we're still trying to convince Spring to stay for a while!

As promised, our chicklets have doubled in size in one week's time.

And the seedlings in the greenhouse?
Doubled, as well!

I may have mentioned that I want to let our ducks hatch out their own babies this year.
I am a little worried, however...

It seems we have an egg predator around the pond.

Sadly, I keep finding eggs like this one.

And last, but not least...
have I mentioned that our dear sweet little Annie...
is a holy terror?
She has officially come to life!
I will have to gather a video of her shenanigans for you.


  1. uh oh....annie is home! i can't wait to see what she is up to. it's 40 now and has dropped 5 degrees in the last hour. the cold front is arriving! i am dying over your pumpkin patch. i am not stealing your duck eggs but if your pumpkins go missing, you know where to look!

  2. I think we need to find the Weather Police . . .
    Get ready, we have 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, 24 degrees.
    (Looks. Like fast melting stuff though . . .)

  3. And I think 50 to 20 is a big drop!!! Thank goodness all of your seedlings are in the greenhouse. Our chicks are growing like bad weeds too...so fun to watch. I can't believe you have your gate done already with all that you do...and did I mention I love it! We still have more than our fair share of snow left and only a wee bit of green showing the grass..most is still brown. The mud is ankle deep here...where there isn't snow. One positive note is that I can see more and more of the patio each day. even worked in the flowers that are popping up by the foundation, on Sat.. Oh what fun it was. Can't wait to see video of Annie. So glad that she is fitting in so well.

  4. We had temps in the low 80's this weekend and went down into the high 30's tonight. For tonight we might even get frost. :-( Of course I was outside on Sunday planting a whole bunch of stuff... :-( Mother Nature needs to get it together!

  5. We had 6" or so last night. Killed me to see it all plopped onto my strawberry and rhubarb beds. Our forecast said a "bit" of snow. This isnt a bit but alot!

    1. I feel your pain, Kellie. I must get out there today and cover up some of my spring crops. Hopefullly our snow will be scant.

  6. A holy terror? Really? I sure hope not! Sorry about your Spring weather. Not sure what ours is doing now..either. It has been marvelous here but I believe we are in for some rain...and that's ok. Sure hope you don't get snow.

    I adore your cute fence...you are so creative!

  7. Oh my, SNOW!! Doesn't Mother nature know it is the middle of April for heaven sakes!! We've been having lovely weather, great for spring planting. Can't wait to see what Annie has been up too, puppy!!! Hugs!!

  8. Wax and Wane..It's wane-ing today for sure..Love your gate..Great job Bev..Your list will never get shorter because you can't turn off that busy brain of yours..:)..Have a wonderful day in the "wane"...Hugs

  9. Your fence is adorable! Go and cut all your daffodils today and put them in the house. One year I planted an entire garden in late March (we can do that out here in CA) and two weeks later we had a freak hail storm with cold driving rain. It ruined the entire garden. I was sick. All that hard work down the drain. I hope you find the egg predator; Bring the spring inside, go cut those daffodils. Happy Tuesday.

  10. We just have hail coming down so hard I went out to pick the daffodils which were getting a proper bashing. Was just thinking of taking down the duvets from the bed, this will have to wait. Spring is such a tease....

    Annie v.

  11. Oops forgot!!! the gate is beautiful, hard work was worth it..

    Annie v.

  12. Oh yes... it will be cold here tonite too, so we will be covering the garden and bringing the pansies from the back deck indoors. Our temperatures have been falling all day... crazy springtime.

  13. I have seen some kind of big open balls fixed in the middle of the pond here in France for the ducks to make their nests safely

  14. We are having the same weather as you, in fact as I look out of the window now it is snowing and we have a light coating on the ground.
    So nice to see the greenhouse with all the plants growing.

  15. oh Bev, hang in there,,, we are also having temptuious weather.... 80degree one day and then cloudy, uber breezy the next... and to think, I foolishly took my artichokes & tomatoes outside... thank goodness they are still in their pots... cuz it looks like they will be going back inside for another week from the look of our weather,,, Living in the mountains creates it's own weather issues... but beats the heck out of "Snowkan"..lol! hugz & miss ya.

  16. Isn't this the craziest weather? I had to go out and put sheets all over my tender veggies I planted last week because it's supposed to freeze tonight (or rather my wonderful hubby did). I love your pumpkin patch!

  17. I adore your homestead and your critters and that darling gate to the pumpkin patch.


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