Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life Lessons

Several of you commented yesterday about how much patience 
certain tasks (like herding turkeys) require.

Patience is one thing that farm living has taught me.
When it comes to nature, living creatures, the seasons, etc...
everything in it's own sweet time.
I have learned to savor those moments as I am sure that some day they will be the ones I miss.

Yesterday, though quite chilly and windy, was another glorious spring day...
made even more special by the surprise of finding this in the garden....

which was quite apropos...
because the mailman brought me these two earth-colored t-shirts just yesterday...

Surely you remember the old song from the musical "Hair"... Aquarius??

And this t-shirt just seemed perfect for garden days...

I spent a bit of time getting this little perennial bed ready for new growth...

It isn't much now, but by mid-summer it will be gloriously colorful and lush.
For now, violas are sunning their smiling little faces.

We played lots of fetch yesterday in the sunshine.

Annie learned the joy of the chase from her big brother.

She also learned a few new lessons in the garden.
tasty treasures (like cat poop) can sometimes be found in the garden...

Did you learn this from Sammy?

And... it's ok to smell Moll on the head...

and even on the belly....

but it is definitely not ok to smell her butt!

Nope, not at all...claws came out in a hurry and little Miss Annie got a good smack!

I think I heard Moll humming "R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Find out what it means to me!"

At the end of the day,
it's good to have a friend with whom to curl up!


  1. I don't know if gardening is cheaper than therapy. My paycheck will be taking a hit this week for sure. Cat poo, rabbit poo, duck long as she doesn't roll in it ;)

  2. i love those shirts! what is it with dogs and cat poop? teddy can't get enough of it. i can't get enough of watching my perennials coming up. there is something so satisfying about their return. it is 30 degrees here this morning!

  3. Gardening is my therapy so is nature lol ! Lovely photos ! Good to see Annie is having a blast and learning so much . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. I NEVER wear t shirts with graphics, but I would definitely wear 'the Age of Asparagus'!!! where did you find it???

  5. I love that Age of Asparagus tshirt! Now I'll be singing that song all day:)

  6. The t-shirt came from here:

  7. Totally chuckled at the asparagus shirt. LOL It's just way too cute. :)

  8. Annie is a lucky girl to have big brothers.

  9. I'm loving Sam & Annie napping. Oh Sammie you crack me up. Let's add chicken poo to that list of treats, DOGS!! I so agree with gardening is the best therapy! Just let me outside in the dirt! Hugs!!

  10. Love the shirt..Ah yes, cats rule !! Anni is learning her boundaries..

  11. That asparagus tshirt is too funny. Annie sure fits into your family like a glove. She is one sweet looking girl.

  12. Those shirts are a riot! Lucky you, asparagus! I hope to be able to grow it someday.
    Glad you are enjoying spring!

  13. Fun play on words... and Annie is tooo cute!

  14. Oh your babies are always so cute - love Annie with the cat - too funny!


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