Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching Up With Spring Chores

I might just be loving Spring, this year, more than any year in the past!

Warm, blue sky days make me swoon.

My motto, these days... Seize the Day!

Yesterday I did just that.
With a truck load of tanbark delivered to my driveway in the morning,
I set about distributing that mulch on all of my flower beds and trees.

By supper time, the pile was gone.
Wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load...
while Annie played in the yard with Sam.

Annie is getting quite independent... and is still doing well off leash.

I thought you might like to see the new chicks. 

Now 2+ weeks old, they are out of the large cardboard box
and free to move about the brooder house.

I am pleased to say that I have 41 healthy chicks 
(I counted them as I removed them from the box).

Notice the naked neck chicken?

I ordered two of them.

And last but never least...
How do you like my garden ornament?


  1. teddy would have been rolling in it! it's amazing how quickly annie has become one of the family!

  2. Patsy from IllinoisApril 22, 2014 at 8:40 AM

    That is the most handsome garden ornament. Give him some scratches from me.

  3. I love Annie's perky little ears!

  4. Annie has sure settled in nicely. Isn't that naked chick cute! I have two old hens that need to go bye,bye but I can't get myself to send them off. They haven't laid eggs for about 3 years. Seeing you r chick I need to do this! I hope you have another wonderful Spring day, we are having Spring rains, no working in the yard for me. Hugs!!

  5. That little chick looks like a vulture! Funny, can't wait to see what she looks like all grown up.

    You are so amazing, you get so much done in a day! It's raining and will be all week, so I won't be outside....so I just might start a yarn project!

  6. Best garden ornament I have seen yet lol ! Lovely photos , The weather here has been wonderful warm and sunny a bit of fog and rain this morning but looks like that is all clearing up now ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !.

  7. Why do they like to lie in mulch?? New mulch is warm, I guess..
    Why do those chicks have naked necks??


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