Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Spring is in the air...
I can hear it in the morning...
in the birdsongs.
Now that we have set the clocks ahead, the days will feel much longer.

We spent a quiet weekend on the farm.
Seeds were planted in the greenhouse...

It feels so good to be back in the soil...even if only in potting soil.
Still, with seeds tucked away in warm earth, it's only a matter of weeks until
the greenhouse will be filled with green hope...
a promise of summer to come!

Snow on the ground gave me a little time for knitting.
I made this buttoned infinity scarf and started another project...

While washing eggs in the kitchen, I spied this little guy hanging out on the suet feeder
outside the kitchen window.  
It seems the squirrels like our homemade suet as well as the birds.

"Hey, little fellow,"  I called out the window, "You have a little suet on your cheek!"

"Yea, well, this stuff is quite tasty...but awful messy," he answered.

"Wipe your right cheek and your little nose,"  I directed.

He finished his little nut, and wiped his cheek with his furry paw.

"How's that?"  he asked.

"Much better,"  I said.  "But, it looks as if your nose is running... 
and your whiskers are a bit greasy."

"Jeez....there's no satisfying you, lady!"  he chortled.

And lastly, I finally captured a video of something that I have wanted to share with you...

Yep, it's a dog's life...
and a good one at that!


  1. Good Morning. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend..potting soil, knitting, taking time to watch Mr. (or Mrs.) Squirrel and not to mention the longer days to go with it. Can't wait to see the green popping up in the greenhouse. Sounds like we are a quite a ways behind you in gardening...but we will catch up :) Do you have a special suet recipe you use? Someone saves all their bacon grease (sounds kinda unhealthy) is that you? Don't want to forget silly dog!! It is so fun to watch them make a comfy bed..our dogs AND cats do the same thing.. You have a great week

    1. Yes, that's me....we save all of our bacon grease (I buy a local bacon that has more meat than fat and is "no nitrates/nitrites"....cured with sea salt)...we don't eat it often. Anyways....mixed with peanut butter, seeds, nuts, etc....makes a great suet. The extra fat helps to keep the birds warmer in the winter. I don't think it's any less healthy than what you buy in the store.

  2. Wow, those photos of the squirrel are fabulous! Love the conversation you two had. Are you planning to sell your beautiful scarves in your marketplace? And I can't forget to say "Night, night, Sammy....sweet dreams".

    1. I thought about selling my knitwear...but wasn't sure if there was any market for them.....

  3. Oh my what a cute post and photos . Sammy that is soo cute big sigh after all that work lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. Great to see you playing in your Green House. I think it will be July before all this snow leaves. Oh my do we have snow.!!!
    LOL with the way winter has been it is wonderful to have the company of our always entertaining 4 legged friends. Cute video..and one happy pup!

  5. Thank you for the squirrel pictures and sweet little story. I adore squirrels from afar. They sort of scare me if they get too close... rats with a nicer outfit.

  6. another gorgeous piece of knitting. i have such knitting shame when i visit here! sammy is too cute! another storm headed this way midweek!

  7. Our Isabelle is a nester dog. She has to have things exactly right prior to lying down. As for Rowdy.. he just lies down. Sammy did a great job of getting it just right. xox

  8. Great squirrel post..Mine doesn't talk to me and doesn't bother my suet..Actually, he can't reach it...I raked my garden out back today..Tulips. Mums and Daisys poking their little heads up..Mollie does the same thing with my throws and also with the towel on her seat in the car..They're funny..Have a good day..Gonna get cold again..

  9. Not a fan of squirrels but you captured some great shots.
    I thought maybe being on a farm you would rather have the lighter mornings than the evenings.

  10. Love the squirrel pics! Great close ups!
    Our Snickers "nests" like your Sammy. It has to be just right and then the zzzzzzz happen.
    You are so far ahead of any greenhouse activity ing on around here. Good for you. I heard rumors of a March snowfall heading our way!


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