Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Clean Up Crew

Yesterday as I was feeding the goats...

and they were basking in the sun...

I focused my camera on the top of the goat fence.

Here, the guineas were also perched...
enjoying the mid-afternoon sun.

I noticed that this white guinea who was busily grooming himself...

kept turning his gaze toward the sky.

Guineas are amazingly aware of all that is going on around them.
And at this particular time a flock of buzzards was busy circling overhead.

All winter long about 50 turkey buzzards have been roosting in the trees
of our neighbor's property.

I had wanted to get a good picture of them;
and now seemed like a good time.

"Stay,"  I said to Sam.  
(and repeated it again in a stern tone...because Sammy doesn't really like to listen all that well.)

"You stay here," I said to Oakley (no stern tone needed for him).
Unlike Sam, Oakley listens the first time.

I took the gator and headed to our neighbor's house...
only to find about 20 turkey buzzards perched on their rooftop
and 10 more on their deck railing.

These birds, though ugly, serve a great purpose...
cleaning up dead animal carcasses.

But somehow, as they circle over the farm...
I can't help but wonder if they are waiting for me to slip and fall on the ice...
 tumbling to my demise.

And that creeps me out... just a little!


  1. Buzzards always creeped me out too. I think it must have been all those old movies where the buzzards start circling the people stranded in the desert. On a lighter note , at least they aren't hawks.

  2. that would creep me out too! i guess everyone has to eat though?

  3. Yes . . . I wonder about that too . . what prey are they waiting for . . . ME!

  4. WOW! You got some great shots of the birds. We do not have buzzards here in NE ORegon. We do however, have tons of crows and magpies!

    1. I saw my first magpie when we took our trip to Alaska two summers ago....they are cool looking. Turkey buzzards are rather ugly...I must say.

  5. Nice photos ! That's one pray bird I haven't see n here all winter is our Turkey Vultures they look just like these ones in your photos ! Which is weird cause for years they were feeding and circling the valley and fields here . I hear you lol the many times I have had them over head and told them I ain't dead yet guys move on lol ! Thanks for sharing . It is nice and sunny here too has been every day so far and I love it ! Have a good day !

  6. Ewww..Picked apart by a Turkey Buzzard..Awful thought..At least it should be something pretty...Nice to know you're still kicking...

  7. Not until I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, did I know how important buzzards and vultures are to the over-all scheme of things in nature. Obviously us humans are not going to go around eating dead squishy varments on the roads...unless it is fresh roadkill of a certain variety (pheasant). I know people that have done this! I love your guineas. Are those the only two left?

    1. Believe it or not, we still have 10 guineas!!

  8. Yes, Turkey Buzzards are one of the creepier signs that Spring is about to arrive (I guess the buzzards think it has already arrived or they wouldn't have come north again). We have them everywhere in Oregon too. They sure keep the roadkill & pastures cleaned up though, so I can appreciate their unusual skill set as well as their less than charming looks, I don;t think I have ever seen that many gathered in such a small area or sitting on rooftops like in your photos. Be careful out there on the ice. You don't want them looking at you like you are a potential snack or entree,

  9. I love the goats beard.: ) How pretty the guineas look against the blue sky.

  10. Great pictures of the guineas!!!


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