Monday, March 17, 2014


A perfect Sunday needs few words to describe it.
With that in mind...
I will share my perfect Sunday with you.

Tyler (my grandson) and his Mommy spent the afternoon with us.
For me, it was the best kind of Sunday.
I hope it was for Tyler, too!

How about you....what makes the best kind of Sunday?

PS...Happy St. Patty's Day...we will have our St. Patty's barnyard celebration today...
green beer for everyone!
Pictures tomorrow!


  1. Good Morning. No words tell it all!! I think you have a farm hand in the making!! Seems so nice to see bare ground and grass...we are still buried in snow!! I hope it's ok to say I'm a little jealous. Are you too busy this time of year to do any knitting?

    1. Actually, I am knitting in every free moment. Just finished another pair of fingerless gloves...will post a picture and now I am making a lacy first attempt at something intricate. This is a project that I have to concentrate on every second that I work....counting, counting, counting. So much room for error!

  2. I agree, GRAND KIDS always make the perfect day!!!

  3. Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a Happy St Patty's day to you and your family !

  4. Tyler is going to need a bigger house soon..Love his boots...Glad you had a fun day..Happy St Patty's day..Hugs

  5. i can't think of a better way to spend the day than with a grandchild! too bad i don't have one. happy st. patty's day!

  6. I can not believe how much taller Tyler has gotten since I have started reading you daily--!!!
    My Sundays are usually spent doing some kind of hand work and watching NASCAR--I have gotten to know alot of
    the drivers in the past 18 months of watching them and they are like a family to me--so that is my family time.
    I love love your stories and photos--Happy St Patties day
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  7. Tyler is getting so "grown-up"! and I would say you just described in words and pictures the perfect Sunday :)- thanks for sharing!

  8. Happiness is playing with your grandkiddo.... :>)

  9. I can't believe how grown up Tyler is, he's getting to be such a big boy. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

  10. What have you done with little Tyler? You have replaced the toddler we have grown to know, with a full-fledged little boy. It seems like such a short time ago that that Tyler was barely walking & so timid around some of the animals. Now, the big guy goes around helping with all the chores & handing out the Ritz cracker treats like an old farm hand. .
    Hope everyone at the farm has a great St. Paddy;s Day. I hope you didn't invite any of those sneaky snakes to your barnyard party. That would not be in keeping with the spirit of today's celebration. Watch your guests closely, snakes have long been known for their bad habit of crashing St. Paddy's Day parties they weren't invited to, especially if they hear that green beer is going to be served, Keep your camera handy - just in case you spot some snakes hanging out near the keg, singing & dancin' a jig.
    The Irish love to tell tales that are a wee bit outlandish. Could ya tell - I'm 100% Irish? Have a great time celebrating on the day when everyone & every creature (except snakes of course) is Irish.

  11. Anyday my grandkids come and visit is a good day!


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