Friday, March 21, 2014

Muddy Buddies

It's the time of year when everything is covered with a thick
coating of mud.
The snow has melted, and there just is nowhere for the moisture to go...
beneath the swollen mud lies frozen ground.

Mud never seems to bother the horses,
in fact they seem to enjoy it!

" you really have to get so filthy?" I ask.

"Who's dirty?" asked Moonbeam through muddy lips.

"Well, if you'd just look over your shoulder, Moonbeam,
you might notice that your caboose is in dire need of a bath!"

"Awwww, Mom.... we don't look that bad!"  Ollie chimed in...

"Actually, look as though no one loves you!"  I answered.

It's been a long hard winter...and it shows!
As soon as warm weather arrives and stays,
all of these boys will be clipped and shampooed.
I'll be sure to photograph them, as they won't stay that way for long.

It's like Scarlet always says,  "Boys will be boys!"

For some reason, Scarlet and the donkey girls are not so prone to rolling in the mud.
Thank goodness someone around here has a little sense!

Today and tomorrow are to be quite nice...temps in the 60's.
I will be finishing up the seed planting and cleaning out garden boxes.
It won't be long now until we are knee deep in gardening season.
I can't wait!!

Here's hoping your weekend is perfect and that you get a taste of spring...
wherever you are located.


  1. mud buds...too funny! we will be in the 50's with rain here and then plunge back down for next week! have a fun weekend!

  2. These would make charming children's stories.

  3. My boots have been thick with mud lately as have Mollies paws..Neither of us are prone to rolling in it so far..Enjoy the weekend..I'm sure you'll be outside a lot..

  4. They are still so cute even if a little muddy!! Great weather predicted for us this weekend. Garden boxes here I come! Have a great weekend, Hugs!!

  5. You all certainly deserve some warm weather. Everyone but California. Have a lovely and productive-get-your-nails-dirty kind of weekend. I will be planting seeds (direct sow) again this weekend and planting some flowers in pots.

  6. Sounds like it's warming up nicely by you.
    Always love seeing the animals.

  7. I'm surprised to see that Moonbeam got right into the mud with the Little Ones. Moonbeam usually strikes me a being so dignified & regal that seeing his lips smeared with mud was pretty funny.o funny. Such irony that people who frequent those exclusive luxury spas would pay a significant amount of money to have their "Bee sting" lips smeared with organic mud believing the mud is the secret to eternal youth. How lucky are the horses, that they can get their organic mud treatment any time mud is available & it doesn't cost them a penny. I was thinking that on muddy days like today, you really could make good use of a small version if an automated car wash. The animals could just be led through & come out spotlessly clean & air fluffed dry - no wax or polish please.
    Have a good time getting your garden ready for planting this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

  8. It's muddy here too...went for a hike and had to watch out for the puddles. It was sunny and about 43...lovely. Perfect hiking weather. Won't be long and you will be dirt bound yourself.

  9. Boys will be boys, Scarlet, but you're not the one who has to bathe them. Now, about that dirty bum of yours, my Dear. LOL


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