Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inquiring Minds

It's Spring, and yet Winter lingers on.
Our temperatures continue in the twenties and thirties...
a wintry mix predicted for today.

It seems as though we are in a holding pattern...

all of us...
waiting for warmth, for growth, for change.  

Quiet days...

spent loafing.

There is absolutely nothing going on right now...

so I am opening up the "floor" for discussions.
Is there anything you would like to know about life at Bee Haven Acres?
Now's your chance...ask away!


  1. I just enjoy seeing your critter family every day :)

  2. How are the goat boys doing since their surgeries? Have they lost a lot of their uhhh, manly characteristics? I have seen tomcats after their surgeries, and they loose that very broad tomcat face, and generally look softer. Is it the same for goats?

  3. I am curious about your "first beginnings."
    Did you grow up on a farm, raised with animals, gardens?

  4. When did you begin to sew and knit . . . who were your mentors, your inspirations?

  5. Yes!! I know you have the farrier out to trim hooves, but I don't remember you ever having abscess problems with your equine family. Have you?

  6. what is going on with your bees? are you getting new ones? is a new puppy in your future?

  7. I like the idea of a little up bringing. We all know you are married to Hubbs and have a wonderful farm of tails. Did you grow up a city slicker or a country bumpkin? Warm Spring rains for the remainder of the week here!

  8. Patsy from IllinoisMarch 25, 2014 at 9:42 AM

    I love "the littles" and wonder how you came to get them?

  9. I want to know if you have any projects going in the sewing room.

  10. I chanced upon your blog by way of well I'm not quite sure but it is a pleasure to find you.
    The way you've chosen to spend your life closer to the land and happily amongst the critters is wonderful.
    Spring shall come soon and when it does we will be all the more grateful.

  11. Yup, I would like to know how it all began. You live the life I knew growing up in Europe but a fine young man in the military took me away lol.

  12. The one thing that always gets my attention is the neatness of your farm yard... very impressive.. even though I know it has been wet and sloppy and cold.. your ground always looks so neat and clean.. I know that requires much work... I love seeing the chickens and goats just hanging out together.. Great pics.. Blessings!

  13. I'd love to know about the way you care for your goats. I know they favor ritz crackers lol but maybe some of the more specifics of your routine with them..

  14. Yup !! How do you do it???
    Looks like you have some interesting questions...I'd like to answer some of them..Hmmm

  15. I would like to know more about your chickens. How many do you have? How long do they live? Can you tell them all apart? How many eggs a day do you get? Do they lay eggs all year long?


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