Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dancing a Jig

With all the St. Patty's partying we have had around here this week, 
you might be inclined to think that these fellows are dancing an Irish jig.

Unfortunately, this is nothing quite as friendly as a Riverdance.
No, this is raging testosterone and the arrival of Spring.

I hate these rooster duels....
and I hate breaking them up even more,

but it is necessary before things escalate to the point that someone gets hurt.

And so, after discouraging this nasty behavior....
one gives up and leaves the yard.

Whew!  That was rather ugly, and I am glad it's over!

The sun is actually warm these days...
warm enough to make Ginger and MaryAnn want to spend time out in their yard.

They search and search for some green grass to eat.

It won't be long...
Soon, very soon, girls, you can graze the days away!

I checked in on the greenhouse and look what I found...


all kinds....

pushing their way towards the sun.

Isn't it an absolute miracle how a tiny seed can turn into green life...
pushing sunward, growing daily...
eventually transforming into something that nourishes our bodies.

For now, I think these seedlings nourish my soul.
They signify the end of a long hard winter,
give me hope and remind me just how amazing our world is!


  1. it's amazing how fast spring pops out from nothing! everyone's roosters are crazy right now. rain and high winds on the way for us today.

  2. Amazing those seedlings have broken ground, (or peat tray I must say.). Seems like just yesterday you were planting them. Oh my, what sun and warmth can do . . .

  3. Do the pigs not "excavate" their yard? I thought pigs were known for digging and making a mess of their yard/area?

  4. Hi Bev! We're still under 3' of snow here in Northern Vermont with more on the way tonight. I love winter but the pics of your seedlings did my heart good this morning. Thanks!

  5. Not too happy about rooster fights :( but happy for Ginger and MaryAnn and your seedling made me happy!!! So all in all it's a GREAT day!!

  6. Looking at your seedlings, I think Spring has sprung!!! Oh those nasty boys!! Stop fighting!! they look scary! Now Ginger and Maryann look peaceful, much better!! Hugs!

  7. an amazing display of feather fluffing and leaping.Did you break up the fight with a water hose?
    Annie v.

  8. Bad Roosters..That would be hard to witness...Glad the piggies are getting out..good sign...Soon those little seedlings will be in the ground getting even bigger.. Won't be long..

  9. Look at all of those seedlings!!!! That is a great thing for these eyes to see after our winter here in NY. Your garden is always so beautiful.


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