Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's the age old question that I'm sure you've wanted to ask...
but never have.
So, today I'm asking....

What is it about manure piles?

I mean really....

You'd think there must be something really tasty there,
because everybody loves to grab a snack.

Especially on a sunny afternoon, as the snow melts...

Old Number 6 (yes that's his name...long story) is King of the Hill
as he scratches through freshly thawed compost with a bevy of his favorite gals. 

Even more than the chickens, though,
the dogs are always looking for a tasty treat at their favorite
eat in or take out "dive"!

"Don't look so innocent, Oakley..."

"a moment before I took my camera out,
you were right up there with Sammy!"  

So, what do the chickens find in the compost piles?
Beats me....
but I am guessing because they are always warm, there must be worms and insects in there.

As for the dogs...

As Sammy says..."The more disgusting, the better!"

I hear there is another snowstorm on it's way.... late tonight into tomorrow.
Any of you in warmer states care to take in some weary travelers???
Say.... me, 5 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 pigs, 18 goats, 12 ducks, 10 guineas, 100+ chickens
and two turkeys?
Oh yea.... and 3 dogs and 5 cats?
We're on our way!


  1. And I saw BeeHaven . . . Treats . . . and I thought . . . RITZ . . .

  2. We have a similar "treat" search with our two young dogs. Not in a manure pile, but in the mounds of leaves where someone left one that we missed during our daily pickup searches. Freezing temps lately have turned those hidden treasures into poopsicles. We're looking forward to warmer temps here in Austin by this weekend. Bring it on!

  3. They're looking for undigested seeds. The dogs---they're looking for just icky stuff. No doggie kisses today!

  4. Wish I could offer you "refuge". Right now it's wet, but we're supposed to get snow here today, too. And being in the south, it'll shut everything down...

  5. If it was warm here I would say come on over all of ya but it is down right cold and lost of snow here . I guess dogs and chickens have no taste buds or they do and they just love it lol ! Cute photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. The warmer states are being inundated with ice..and don't know how to handle it..We may be better off ?? I'm trying to convince myself..My dogs have always rolled in, sniffed and eaten poop..I can remember your saying to me that it was OK..It's just food in a highly digested state..."all natural"...Second only to Ritz..generic of course.

  7. I would love to have you all but our city rule is 3 pets. So I could just take one dog, one cat and one chicken. NO horses allowed in our area...sadly!


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