Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Worst Video Ever....

We are in the midst of another snowstorm...
and that's my excuse for a short blog post today.

I had a little time with Ginger and MaryAnn the other day.
With iPad in hand, I did a quick video.
Unfortunately, I held it vertically instead of horizontally...
and I talked way, way too much.

Forgive me...I can do better,
but I hated to waste a visit with the girls...
so, here goes....


  1. those two are so cute! and smart too, they are waiting for next week's warmer temps to come outside for belly rubs. how much snow are you supposed to get?

  2. Cute little piggies! Ear rub seems to have gotten a LIKE!

  3. Well I think you did pretty good with your video!~ Love Ginger and MaryAnn! They are to cute.

  4. Funny how they have us trained..She knew you'd come to her !! Hope you're doin' OK in the snow...Hugs...

  5. I thought it was cute . But heck if they are going to venture out of there nice warm bed lol I don't blame them lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Ha ha! Love them! Piggies are smart to stay inside :-)


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