Friday, February 28, 2014

The Party's Over

The party's over...
the sun has retreated once again.

See the grayness in the air above?
Yes, that's snow.
Just a shower...but a hint of what's to come, I hear.

Today I have a few small things to share with you...
just little moments that make me smile on any given...
or every given day.

Barn kitties....a constant source of sweetness!
Our four barn cats are all chubby, cuddly balls of fluff...
friendly to us always...
to each other usually, but not always.

Leo and TomTom are best buds.

They play together...

 and sleep together.

TomTom is very caring and nurturing towards Leo...
gently bathing him...

Oh, so sweet....

Ella Bella... always has a scowl on her face.
The other cats leave her alone.
She loves attention from us, but prefers that the other felines leave her alone.
She is, after all, the queen of the barn.

Moll Flanders...the impossible to photograph cat...

never has her eyes open in any photo...

never holds still long enough for a good picture...

Gets picked on by Ella Bella...unmercifully,
so she hangs out with our barn chicken, Ivanka.
Ivanka is Moll's chicken.

These four sweet cats routinely earn their keep...
ridding the barn of all manner of pests 
and providing me with company during all my barn chores.


  1. Beautiful kitties! I love hearing about them.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Yay a Leo post! He's one of my favorites! Terri C

  3. Don't you love the face a cat makes while being groomed by another cat? Adorable cats.

  4. Cute little multi colored balls of fluff!

  5. I got my kitty fix today! Cute, cute,cute!!! I am really trying to do the sunshine dance in hopes that it helps hurry up Spring. Good thing you can't see it through this computer, LOL!

  6. What happened to Bobby,,Oh, right..He's a garage cat...They're all very sweet and loving in their own way..Have a fun weekend..xxoo

  7. Lovely photos ! We had a freak snow blizzard yesterday then it was sunny and today it is sunny but really cold at least the winds are calm today ! Hope spring arrives soon I have had enough of snow and cold . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  8. what cute kitties! keep them warm and inside. you and i are in the direct path of this storm. i heard we can get a foot from it!

  9. I think Moll is my favorite. : )

  10. I love all the kitties, I'm a sucker for cats. Strays always find me.

  11. Love your cat pictures. We have seven mostly outdoor cats (all 'fixed') and they all have different personalities. Only one has a rather sour disposition and even she likes her share of loving from us. Like you say - they earn their keep.

  12. Sweet kitties. My barn cats have somehow made their way into the house.

  13. Good morning Beverly,
    I jut read your note on my blog.. How very sweet of you. Yes, he is now available on ebay... They is a link at the end of my post if you would like to visit his auction..

    Your cats are adorable!
    More snow I see... Wish I could send you my sunshine...
    Enjoy your day Beverly,

  14. Thank you Beverly! Good luck on the auction..
    bless you,

  15. We've got a jolly good barn kitty who is a feral cat, what a marvelous mouser he is> although we can't get near him. The sun is out today in our part of the country and I am taking full advantage of it. Hello garden!


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