Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Party On!

Sometimes, when the sun comes out,
after weeks and weeks of grayness...

Sometimes, even when it is still frigidly cold outside,
but the sun stirs your heart and fills it with hope....

Sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind,
put on your crown,
and throw a party!

That's just what we did yesterday afternoon.

and Chloe...

put on their crowns and partied!

We danced and sang and had yummy treats...
celebrating the sun.
These crowns were a rainy day project a couple of years ago.
Little did I know two sweet donkey girls would end up wearing them!

If you like to play dress-up,
come to the farm and visit with Daphne and Chloe.
They love to pretend that they are princesses...
which of course, they are!


  1. those girls know how to party! guess what it is doing here? snowing!

  2. Oh my how cute are they ? I hear you it is -15 here and a dusting of snow fell during the night but the sun has risen and that makes all worth while for me . The sun has been out most days at some point melting snow as it is warming up and it rises earlier and sets later each day , our Robins are still hanging in here so I think the know something we don't , spring is really on it's way just may take a bit lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. I love those crowns!!! and Daphne and Chloe

  4. Such fun you have . . . looking all set for the party!

  5. Another reason I want donkeys---we can play dress up. :)

  6. Party on, ladies! You sure bring a smile to my face :-)

  7. One day we are going to show up at your farm, so please have 5 party hats ready!

    1. how come they get to go? was I invited? snork, giggle,,,lol! I'll bring my trailer! lol!

  8. Fun times..Did you play "Pin the tail on the donkey??..Hope you're having a good day..xxoo

  9. and their favorite song,,, "Ritz crackers make the World go round"... lol!


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