Monday, February 17, 2014

Issuing The Old Man An Ultimatum

Just like the old boyfriend...
the one you broke up with months ago,
that still hangs around outside your bedroom window at night...
the one whose stalker-ish appearances make you teeter on the edge of insanity...

that is the relationship I am currently having with my old man... Winter!

After last week's extended encounter,
I thought I might be rid of him for a while.

But, no....
he came right back around again Saturday morning...
dumping another 4 inches on all of the trails 
that I had laboriously shoveled opened just days before.

And if that weren't bad enough, he decided to give a hard one-two punch
to our adorable forest hideaway...

crushing our lovely platform tent
and turning it into a pile of fractured, splintered 2 x 4's and 4 X 4's,
not to mention the severe lacerations made in the tent canvas by those wooden shards.

So, now, Dear Winter...
consider yourself served...

with a fresh restraining order.

You will leave me alone,
or else!

Have I made myself perfectly clear?


Dear Winter, you know I love you.
But, get yourself to rehab, ok?
I will welcome you back with open arms next year...
once you have had a chance to work on your issues.

PS... we will rebuild the platform and re-pitch the tent.  
It will need some repairs to the canvas...
and new poles inside.

It could have been worse...
no one was hurt.

And to those of you who have a more severe winter than ours...
you have all of my sympathy and an apology also (for complaining)...
Hang in there....Spring is coming!


  1. oh no! so sorry that happened to your tent! we got about 6 more inches yesterday and a bad storm is on the way tonight. however, we will have a high of 45 tomorrow.

  2. This has been a winter to remember (or try hard to forget), hasn't it? Hopefully the restraining order will do the trick! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

  3. Well . . . not fun at all! You are getting it big time in that snow department!

  4. Oh noooo... I'm so sorry about your tent. :-( I do hope old man winter is listening to you!!

  5. So sorry to see that destruction....what a bummer. All our snow disappeared in a couple of hours last week. It is much warmer here...I will send some of it over to you.

  6. Oh my..So sorry about the tent...Glad none of your hail, hardy and crazy winter campers were there..I was thinking about your tent the other day when I was looking at the "way too much"snow on the roofs around here..It is pretty though???

  7. I totally agree with your ultimatum to the "old man." We are up to our eyeballs too, and 6 more inches expected today. Ugg!! At least it is supposed to be in the 30's this week, instead of below zero for highs. Spring will be so sweet this year.

  8. That's a shame your tent collapsed and yes good no one was hurt . We have a lot of snow to and are to be getting more but then it is to warm up above 0 and rain a lot so we will be flooded out next lol The weather has been wacky all over the world . Nice photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  9. So sorry to see the damage to the tented area and the tent. Hopefully it won't stop you from making repairs this spring and bringing it back to a serviceable and fun area for you again.. Time for this snow to just STOP!

  10. Oh no, your beautiful tent. It's amazing the damage nature can inflict. It has been a brutal winter!

  11. So sorry about your tent! How maddening! I completely agree with you. I am so ready for winter to be over! We got several more inches today and I'm so sick of it!

  12. Your poor tent! You really wonder how people coped long ago, when there was no machinery, no electricity, etc. In weather like that homes would be completely cut off wouldn't they? Too bad if you had some kind of medical emergency!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  13. Complain away! We're all right there backing you up!

  14. Serious bummer on the tent :-( I was reminded today that we must always be careful what we wish for. We were warm, in the 50s…with gale force winds. Our concrete bird bath blew over! One of our outdoor dining tables tumbled into the garden. Ugh. Good luck with rebuilding the tent!

  15. So sorry about your tent! I've lost count of the number of storms - except we can expect another 4-6 tomorrow! UGH!!!


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