Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Gift From Sam

Quite often, when I open the door and let Sam and Oakley outside,
they head down the trail through the wood piles
that leads from the house to the woods.

There are many acres of woods behind our home,
and about a quarter of a mile through the woods is a hunting cabin.
The owners of this cabin are rarely there...
unless it is hunting season.

Every winter, after hunting season is over,
Sam and Oakley frequent the hunting camp in search of tasty treats.
And for several weeks each winter, they drag home various gifts...
which they kindly lay at my feet.

Now, I expect the barn cats to exhibit this type of behavior.
They are in the habit of dragging home all manner of rodent and bird.
But the dogs?

What am I supposed to do with this, Sammy?
I sure hope you weren't thinking I would cook it for your dinner!
Oh, that's right, you prefer your meat raw and on the bone!

I hate to sound unappreciative...
but, can't you just stick to the compost pile?

Apparently the hunters remove the legs and leave them behind.
One year, between Sam and Oakley,
they brought home 8 deer legs over the course of the winter.


  1. Ha! He looks so proud of his offering! Poor deer...

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. He sure is happy with his find!! Our black lab (onyx) was so proud of her blue tennis balls last fall....we only bought green ones..go figure!!

  3. Dogs will be dogs lol ! Tastes better then a stick lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. what a perfect gift. maybe you can put it on a chain and make a necklace!

  5. What's a dog gotta' do to get a bone....apparently not much. But he is happy to show off his find!

  6. What a sweetheart to bring it home to share with the pack. He doesn't want you and the family to go hungry. Love that Sammy!

  7. I'd say as long as they don't fight over the bones they should get to keep them. Unless you have guests coming, then they need to clean up and put them away. :)

  8. I bet he checks that site daily! Not that I want to . . . but if a dog can eat raw meat and survive . . . what about us?

  9. Ahhhhh, Sweet Sammy!! He loves you Maw :-}}}

  10. Our loving pups. The grosser the more they adore it.

  11. Lovely! but he is so proud! Now take it out to the woods and eat it out of sight!! Hugs!

  12. A present for his Mom..Lucky you..Yuk !!

  13. It's a present for you Momma! Kinda gross but at least he didn't get it into the house! He's very proud of his gift!

  14. I would take that big bone at my door step over a partially eaten rat. Sam is so proud! I think all of us who have had cats and dogs can relate to this post. Our pets want to make their parents proud! (no matter what they drag to the step) I think I am grossing myself out now, remembering all the critters...

  15. I'm sure you and Hubs show your appreciation when they score in the wild and bring home some fine treat, and then they feel comfortable doing it again. I say, good for you, you let your dogs be dogs....a lot of people can't or won't.....That's what makes following your blog so much fun. You provide a nice window into the
    animal world many of us don't get to witness firsthand.

  16. Kind of like boys will be boys. :)
    They just want to share.


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