Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What a Surprise!

I refuse to complain as I realize that many of you
are experiencing far colder weather than we are right now.

But let me just tell you that this is about as good as it gets right now...
my hair is plastered to my head from wearing all of this gear.

(What do you mean I'm not so good at taking selfies?)
(and no, I don't think my nose is really that crooked!)

I have been going outside to check on my friends every couple of hours....
throwing fresh hay to everyone,
filling water buckets (heated, of course),
trying to scoop poop (but it freezes as soon as it hits the ground and becomes like granite),
and making sure that all are surviving.

(believe it or not, this is in the sunshine)

The farm is a skating rink.
I'm wearing Yak Traks on my muck boots to keep from breaking a bone.
And I am still wearing yesterday's Under Armor.

Each trip outdoors is as short as time to take pictures.

We are all eating our way through the cold!

I hear that things are going to start warming up tomorrow.

And now I really do have to go take a shower...
and put on a new set of Under Armor.
And that's as good as it gets.

Ok, it actually gets a little better....

Last evening, after I had already written today's post (above),
I sat down with the mail...
some seed catalogs and the newest issue of MaryJane's Farm magazine.

I opened the magazine and was oohing and aahing over the cute animal
pictures on this particular page, when I suddenly realized that there was a picture
that I had submitted some time back.
Our very own Moll, MaryAnn, and Milford were right there on the page!

How about that!


  1. Well, I hope you won't let fame go to their heads!

    Hope you all thaw out soon. The thermometer photo is amazing!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Congrat's on making the Farm Girl photo page!
    That thermometer shows scaring temps. Brrrrrrrr . . .

  3. Morning Bev. I saw your picture in the magazine yesterday. I'll have to get you to autograph it! Are you going to the Farm SHow? We were there on Monday. I had so much fun. All of those beautiful animals.

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  5. Good Morning! My Mary Janes Farm hasn't arrived yet. I'm jealous. Now I'm really anxious to get it. Going to warm up a bit here in a few days.

  6. Finding your

    RE the weather...I'm glad I live in Florida. Our 47 this morning didn't feel so bad

  7. how cool! i love that magazine. the weather starts to improve today. i have frozen pipes...ugh!

  8. Congrats!! And hey, that's an honest selfie.. the best kind. (minus the scrunched

    I do love MaryJane's farm Magazine, and her ideas on country living, cooking, animal care, etc. I love that the mag is made with recycled paper, I even love the texture of it. What bothers me is when people put out a magazine and have themselves on every cover. Something about that one silly thing is a turn off for me. Oprah does the same darn thing.

    Anyway.. stay warm! Supposed to get balmy in these parts of the country soon, Amen.

  9. My Mary Jane arrived last week and I recognized the picture without reading names. I guess the West Coast get's there first, ha-ha!!!. Gosh, your temps are shocking and almost feel guilty with forties & fifty degrees. I hope it warms up soon for everyone east. Take care and stay warm! hugs!!

  10. Hey..Congratulations on your pic in the magazine...An honor well deserved to be sure...I don't have any Under Armor..Walked the Moll for 40 minutes this Am..No wind..6 degrees..not too bad..xxoo

  11. Way cute selfie... it certainly isn't about fashion when it's so cold outside.

  12. I get Mary Jane's magazine too and noticed your "famous" babies in there right away LOL Love all the stories on your blog. Stay warm.

  13. Very cool about your farm photo being published. Stay warm. This is crazy weather. I live in Florida and we have been below freezing for the last couple of days-

    P.S. Thanks for the photo it is up on the blog today

  14. Yup it has been darn cold here to one day it felt like -40C here with the wind chill BRR ! Cold is cold and I have had enough of it now lol . Congrats on your pic in the mag . Lovely photos . It is to warm up here by the weekend and rain WOOHOO ! better the frigid cold . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  15. Ah your famous!!
    Wow, that is pretty darn cold!!!
    I just bought myself one of those ski masks - mine is very bright orange. : )

  16. How exciting, the girls are in print! I don't know who you tolerate this kind of cold... I really don't think I could survive it... Growing up in California, and still here... burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    Stay warm Bev, I wish I could send you some sunshine.

  17. So many wonderful things in the post to comment about. However, I'm stuck on your perfectly manicured nails in your selfie…tell me, how do you do it? And your nose is crooked because your face mask is squishing it :-) I love how your posts make me laugh out loud! Congrats on your magazine pics!

    1. Hahahaha! My nails......I keep them short and use Sally Hansen instant dry polish. It only lasts a few days but it truly dries hard and solid instantly.

  18. Your "selfie" reveals that a hard workin, woofie smellin farm girl can also look a lot like someone who deciding whether to pull a hold-up at the local coffee drive-thru or pull a heist at the bank. Happy to hear that you have maintained traction on the ice & that you have not tripped over rock hard poo.
    Congratulations on getting the photos printed in the magazine. Wait until Mary Anne, Moll Flanders & Milford find out their famous. Do ya think it will go to their heads? That is my all time favorite photo you have taken, Rooster +Cat+Pig - Just because it boggles the mind. How great is it, that all the readers of Mary Janes Farm get to see how special your animals truely are. Too Cool (and I'm not referring to the weather)!

  19. That is so totally awesome...hope your hands are warm now....hugs to you and you animal friends.


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