Friday, January 10, 2014

TomTom and Chloe Share a Moment

Who'd have thought, 
months ago when the grass was greener 
and gentle warm breezes cooled our 90 degree days,
that we would feel downright celebratory when the mercury hit 30 degrees?

Yesterday, in what felt like a heat wave, I loaded Maddie into the gator
so that she could come along for afternoon chores.

It seemed right after days and days of being cooped up
because of snow and ice and cold,
that everyone get a chance to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

With hay spread around our almost grassless front pasture,
I let the equines out to graze,

and I settled down in what remained of the snow to watch and take pictures.

Which, of course, became an open invitation for a couple of overly friendly donkeys
to visit!

Daphne came over to me for a snuzzle...

Let me just say right now that I love everything about donkeys.

Their soft, kind, honest eyes...

their sweet kissable chin
 that quivers as their attention is drawn to something moving in the distance.

their long, cupped ears that always point towards that which draws their attention...
ever listening, listening, listening....

Of all our animals, it is these two who make me feel absolutely loved.
You might tell me that they only care for me because I feed them.
But I would have to tell you this:
if they are given a choice of snuzzling with me or eating their food...
they always choose the snuzzling!

My interaction with Daphne was interrupted when something behind us caught her eye.

Chloe was having a moment with TomTom,

who had come out to walk the fence 

in an attempt to let me know

that he wanted his supper.

Oblivious to Chloe, TomTom looked wistfully towards the barn,
where he knew his dinner sat - unopened.

My donkey moment had ended...
and it seemed that TomTom's donkey moment had ended as well...
it was time to finish feeding the rest of the gang.
The moment had been sweet and gentle... one of my favorites!
As for TomTom....not so much.


  1. animals never cease to amaze me. they are so smart.

  2. What a lovely day! Thank you for sharing it.


  3. If I ever had a farm a pair of donkeys would be my first addition. I already have my girls(hens). They seem to be the sweetest animal. So until then I am so enjoying your. Love the pics this morning. Hugs!!

  4. The animals talk, don't they . . . the secret I think is in our listening. You are one who does just that! Loved hearing about your "donkey love" and seeing your sunshine day!

  5. Love the fuzziness of their winter coats....Glad you all share your love because you have so much to give..Funny the way TomToms tongue sticks out just a bit..Have a wonderful weekend..

  6. Such sweet moments you captured with your lens! (Our neighbor has a donkey named "Hugs," but I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a cow. Lol!)


  7. What wonderful photos, and a lovely post--You're right, a sweet and tender moment!

  8. Beautiful photos ! I find all animals talk to us we just have to know how to listen and I love listening to them all . Mild and rainy here and very sloppy . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  9. I too, confess to loving my donkeys the most. And they certainly reap the benefits with extra treats and personalized attention. You are so right, donkeys actually like their people, while the other critters only seem to be in it for the chow!

  10. I love the pics. Leave it to the cat to decide when its time to get fed.

  11. I agree 110% with you on the donkeys! My two are the light of my life, and there really is NO SUBSTITUTE for Donkey kisses and luvins'!


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