Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sunshine and Smoking Jackets

That Polar Vortex that we've all been hearing about so much this winter 
seems to be stuck in our area.
And from what I hear, it's not leaving any time soon!

We had a fresh snowfall Tuesday,
so when the sun finally came out yesterday,
it was absolutely beautiful and bitterly cold.

Nothing melted...and probably won't for quite some time.

We are all hibernating... only going outside when it's absolutely necessary.
The knitting continues as I sit inside the window soaking up the sunlight...

and I played around with new hairstyles...

By yesterday afternoon I needed to get outside in the sunlight,
so I bundled Sam and Oakley up in their "smoking jackets"

(we call them that because it sounds more masculine!)

and out we went for a walk.


I miss spending time with Ginger and MaryAnn.
They rarely emerge from their house...
staying inside under their heat lamp eating hay and sleeping.

So, I crawled through their little door and sat inside with them for a while.

It looks as if our visits over the next week will have to be done just like this!
And it also looks as though I will get more knitting done.

You'll notice, Sam and Oakley's jackets don't slow them down a bit!


  1. Smoking jackets! How sophisticated! Those piggies must be getting very plump with their lack of exercise!
    Your hair looks lovely like that. Rather Downton Abbey, as are the smoking jackets!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Good Morning. What are you knitting? I love the colors!! I'm keeping my knitting needles pretty warm these cold days. Can you tell me how you work your ends in when changing colors...I've tried different ways and never seem to be happy with it.

    1. Gee Colleen,
      I would take any suggestions about the ends, myself. I tried working them in with a crochet hook, but you can still see them, so I have just started knotting them really hard (this yarn does not tear) and cutting the ends off at the knot. I would love any other suggestions......

    2. Oh, and this piece is a scarf....using up bits of yarn.

  3. Looking very beautiful with that clear blue sky! I can't believe you crawl right through the door to be with the piggies, you are amazing! Looks like you are making great progress on your knitting. What are you making?
    Stay warm . . . We are - 1 here this morning . . . and received another foot of snow yesterday. Soft, fluffy and it put a stop to getting out and about.

  4. Those are very nice dog coats; would you share where you purchased them, please? I have a friend who's been looking for one for her lab mix. Thanks! (really enjoy your blog, by the way)

    1. I can't remember where I ordered them from, but they were online. They are "WeatherBeeta" brand. They are quilted and strap on with great big velcro straps. The quality is great. Highly recommended.
      And thanks for the kind words!

  5. Love the cheery colors of your knitting project! What are you making?

    1. Just a scarf....just working on my stitch...trying to get uniformity.

  6. it is freezing here too and about to get much worse. more snow on the way too. i heard that we are in for quite a bit this weekend. i am enjoying every bit of it! too bad teddy doesn't know how to close the door though. i am up and down the steps closing it after her all day.

  7. If you have to have bitter cold,at least make it sunny out in my book! I so crave the sun about this time of the year, yes, I take my Vit. D ! I'm sure the piggies enjoy there belly rubs and are hoping you return today. As far as the characters in the smoking jackets, I think they have fun where ever!!! Stay warm, Hugs!!

  8. Good morning. I have a nice little catch up here on the farm with you. I have been terribly busy, and blogging has taken a back seat. It was fun to see all of your goings on. So much snow! Funny, most of the US is longing for Spring, and we, here in So. Cal, are longing for just a little bit of winter!!!! This month as been in the 80 every day!! Nicer weather really, than we had all summer long. But I want cold!!!!!
    Love your knitting projects!!
    xo Kris

  9. Love Love Love the hairdo! And the colors in the scarf are so pretty. I cannot tell you how nice it is to start my day reading your wonderful blog. I am a big time animal lover and would be right there with you in the piggy pen. Queen Marcy

  10. You had me with that first shot.

    Plus...I love critters.

  11. Lots of interesting things going on at your place!!! I do not like this cold! It was minus degrees again here last night. Your knitting is beautiful. Love the colors. did you knit the sweater, too. You are such a good caregiver (Mommy) to you animals!!!

  12. Aww, I'm sure Maryanne and Ginger thoroughly enjoyed your visit...I have found this week after walking my legs to their limits that I can forget Mollies going on to the snow in these mornings..Her little feet freeze but not so mid afternoon...So her schedule has been altered a bit until these temps go away..Won't be soon..She has me trained for sure but this time it's out of necessity..So far, it hasn't been windy so we've been out an hour at a time.. ..Your knitting looks did your hair..Would it stay like that??

  13. We are having the same weather here in western Md. Yesterday I went out to play in the snow when it warmed up to 0. I made snow angels. : )


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