Monday, January 6, 2014

Snotcicles and Turkey Fighters

I don't have to tell you that it's cold outside.
Most of the country has been plunged into a deep freeze.

But if you have never worked outside in zero degree temperatures,
then you have never had the pleasure of feeling the inside of your nostrils freeze,
or watching the hair that frames your face freeze from the little bit of "snot"
that seeped from your nose before the rest of it froze!

Not a pretty picture.

The horses and donkeys are eating their way through the cold.
The goats don't seem to mind the weather in the least.
The hens and roos stay indoors until the afternoon sun has had a chance to warm things up a bit.
Then they are out and about in search of adventure.

And the pigs... my fair weather cuties...
prefer to spend their hours indoors.

They come just to the door of their house

where they flop to their sides so that I can rub their bellies.

We share a moment...

And then I head for the warmth of the house and they for the warmth of a heat lamp.


From time to time I get questions about how our two male turkeys get along...
and "do they fight?".

Normally there is peace between the turkeys.
That is, unless they get separated by a fence.

For some reason, upon being separated, they begin to view each other as
adversaries....pacing the fence and taunting each other through it.

Yesterday, they somehow got separated by the goat fence.
I knew that I had to re-unite them in order to stop the taunting.

I also knew that the reunion would result in a display of male dominance.
Who could stand tallest?

Who could jump highest?

Who could strike hardest?

Who could choke the other to death?

I have to tell gets really ugly.

Separating them doesn't help...
eventually they have to work it out.

And unfortunately working it out always involves violence.
Luckily, though, it is short lived.

Dominance is established, and all is well once again.

Except that by that time I have almost had a stroke!
But, with things finally worked out, it's time to go back to their enclosure.

Chuck is not interested in cooperating at this point, so I have to carry him home.

This is about 25 pounds of turkey in my arms...

and I carry him back to his home by the barn.

Isn't this part of everyone's day?
Carrying a 25 pound turkey in the snow...
in the cold.

Such is life on the's always something.
Especially with two old turkeys!

Thank goodness for sweet piggie girls...

and super sweet donkey gals who never fight!

PS:  Is it me, or is Daphne looking a little chubby?


  1. Silly turkeys! But it is lovely that they have no fear of you, and will allow you to carry them. That really is a funny sight! The piggies look adorable, as usual.
    In the colder months my nose runs non-stop, and a couple of years ago I started using a spray on a daily basis, as I was tired of having to constantly wipe my nose. Being out in the snow would be a nightmare for sure!
    And yes, I think someone is looking a little 'portly'...


  2. funny turkeys! i lived in the snow belt for years so i am very familiar with nose freezes. then you go inside and they thaw out and you have a runny nose! the pigs are like teddy. when it is bad outside she lays at the door with her nose poking outside.

  3. Daphne does look a little chubby, but maybe you just took the photo at the wrong angle :-)

  4. Sweet piggies faces. The donkey girls are just "fluffy" in their winter coats. Have a great week!

  5. Our rosters used to fight like that for territory ! Lovely photos . I love horses and donkey fuzzy winter coats . Oh Daphne does look on the pudgy side could be the way she is standing in the photo or she puts on more fat then her sister in the winter . Yup I know all to well about the nose holes freezing and sticking together get it when Miggs and I are out in the cold but the part I hate is when you come in it all melts and your nose runs like a tap lol !
    Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Do I look fat in this outfit? Of course not Daphne! Your fur is just fluffy and you forgot your model pose! those crazy tom's! fight one second and need to be carried home like a baby. I think the piggies got it right, stay inside in this weather. Love all your picture this morning! Hugs and stay warm!

  7. Daphne says "It's the angle"..Those turkeys are usually glued to each other...I'm amazed that they fight like that..Scarey to be sure.Great pictures....Hope you are enjoying the heat wave for it is short lived..Be careful out there..xxoo

  8. That's a big turkey! Great pictures of their little show.
    Yes, I think Daphne does look a little more round.

  9. Dahne you're just fluffy.....

    It was interesting to see that the turkey who had to be carried did not have its tail in the air, while the other was strutting his stuff.....

    Now we are preparing to having to face extreme weather here in Ct.....The ice is cometh....No driving anywhere

    Annie v.

  10. Excitement in Bee Haven City . . . Fun to see the pics, probably not so much in person. I like the marching roosters!

  11. Whoa, Daphne...what have you been eating? Always love the anecdotes at Bee Haven Farm!

  12. Whoa, Daphne....whatcha' been eating? I just love hearing all the anecdotes at Bev Haven Farm.

  13. I love how you caught them with the camera in mid air.. Don't think I could carry a 25 pound turkey anywhere. I love your sense of humor!
    You know, Daphne is a bit round.... hmmmm
    Wishing you a Happy New Year Beverly.
    p.s. not to rub it in.. It was 80 degrees here today.

  14. Thanks for the turkey drama saga; such strange creatures. I'm amazed your roosters will walk in the snow. My chickens refuse the white stuff always.

  15. Love this post! How funny. Such great entertainment at Bee Haven Acres.


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