Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Big Beautiful Frozen World

Yesterday the sun was out and it warmed up to 19 degrees!  
Hubbs was home early, so we took the opportunity to get out for a winter hike.

We headed through the woods and down into this field.

Sam and Oakley were ecstatic.... a hike!!!
Their favorite!
The ran through the field with wild abandon, chasing and wrestling,
as Hubbs and I made our way toward the stream.

I love walks along this stream.
No matter the season it is always picturesque.
The stream has ice that is at least 4 inches thick.

Only occasionally can you see a little water running.

It's amazing the artwork that nature can produce...
ice paintings....

ice sculptures...

what a beautiful world this is... in every season!
It's important to get out and enjoy it.
Finally we had a day that was warm enough for us to want to be out more than 
just what is necessary.

Walking through the woods,
warm in our winter outerwear,
lungs full of fresh air,
sunlight falling on our faces...

happy dogs, happy humans.

Back home again, we wind our way through our trusty wood pile...

a roaring fire fed by this wood awaits us.
Life doesn't get much better than this!

Unless of course the Fed Ex truck shows up.

This makes life....

just a little more interesting!
(At least for the dogs.)


  1. Great action photos of the dogs! They appear to have had a very enjoyable day! The ice sculpture photos are also fascinating. We just don't get cold enough here for snow that actually settles on the ground, except for the highland areas. And at the moment it is quite hot.

    Kathy from Tasmania

    1. Kathy....I say we trade houses for a week or two!!!!

  2. Good Morning. Happy dogs make humans happy for sure!! Love all the pics but the huge snow sculpture is just out of this world...Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful pictures! And what a nice FedEx driver!

  4. My favorite things in the world (besides my family:) are creeks. I just love to walk along them or in them if possible. Your creek is beautiful! I want it! LOL!

  5. Wonderful photos . Looks a lot like our river area here in the valley only you have a lot less snow then we do lol . That's funny our UPS , Fed Ex and other delivery people always has treats for their customers dogs and Miggs just loves it when they show up ,to the dogs it is such a special thing lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. That ice picture was gorgeous! TerriC

  7. I'm glad you always have a camera with you. Make me feel like I'm with you. But I'm feeling guilty now. I didn't take the pups out yesterday because it was only 54 degrees. ...Forgive me puppies.

  8. Oh Sam, a treat in the pocket doesn't get by you!!! What a lovely walk and we are so lucky you took us along! So beautiful!! Stay warm, hugs!!

  9. oh get out!!! your fed ex guy brings treats??? what a smart guy and what happy pups! i love walking in the woods in winter!

  10. Wonderful pictures! The sunshine treated us yesterday too!

  11. Beautiful! Bundle up!
    xo Kris

  12. What a beautiful world you live in.... Love how your FedEx driver spoils the dogs...heehee.

  13. What beautiful pictures..Gorgeous landscape..So glad that it warmed up enough for you to get out and enjoy that side of your lives..Thanks for including us...

  14. Love the picture of the dog in the Fed Ex truck. : )
    I too like walking along a stream and yes, all seasons have their own beauty.

  15. That really is some beautiful natural art! The dogs look so happy to be out romping. Stay warm!


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