Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

From all of us...
to all of you...

Our New Year's wish for you:

That your cares be few,
your joys be many...
 That good health and abundant love be yours
in the days and months to come.

May we offer you a place to escape to when your world gets a little crazy...
and may you always leave with a smile on your face!!

And my wish for myself...
that I can continue to enjoy the privilege of sharing our wonderful world with you
each and every day!

My humblest thank you for taking the time each day to stop by for a visit...
we sure enjoy your company!


  1. Another great post from you...The hat and the necklace made me laugh out about photogenic!! Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year. Look forward to my morning ritual of coffee and Bee Haven Acres in 2014. Take Care

  2. Happy New Year to you and all your critters!

  3. That picture is too adorable. Happy New Year!


  4. Wishing you a new year like the one you wished us above . . . I love my visits to BHA and the energy and inspiration you give to me. Happy 2014 days . . .

  5. Happy New Year!! The thanks belongs to you from all of us that so enjoy this wonderful blog. What would our day be like with out Tales from the Tails! Love you and look forward to the new year and new stories!

  6. What a sweet post! I've only recently discovered your blog but I have to tell you that you do indeed give me a little peace when things get crazy in my world. I love your blog and look forward to seeing it everyday! Happy New Year to you and your family, both 2 and 4 legged! :)

  7. Cute picture the twinkle in their eyes...That's the badness coming out..I wish you the best in 2014 and thanks for just being you..Love ya

  8. Thank you for the warm New Year wishes Bev. I hope you & your family, including all the critters, have an a great 2014 filled with good health, new adventures & lots of laughter, Can't tell if that is Daphne or Chloe, but they are really cute welcoming in the New Year with the hat is beads.
    I so appreciate all the effort & time you put into your wonderful blog. It is fun to see all the changes you made this past year to make the farm even more of a wonderful place to live & entertain. The flower & fairy gardens this year were amazing, your veggie garden yielded tons of delicious organic veggies, you continued to preserve the original log structure and you finished construction of the self-composting outhouse to make life simpler for everyone. I admire the way you continue to pursue educational opportunities that allows you to make the farm sustainable while doing the least amount of harm to the environment. All of that takes motivation, lots of hard work & commitment. Luckily, you & Hubbs have all of those traits so you can continue to run your farm in a way that fits your personal values & sensibilities. That you for the constant inspiration to take ideas you use on the farm, but can alson work on a smaller scale for those of us living in smaller homes & far less gardening space. lastly, thank you for sharing all your wonderful animals with us. There personalities are each so unique & always a pleasure to see how they are livin large at Bee Haven Acres. They can cheer me up on the worst of days and that is invaluable. Most of us will never be able to own horses, donkeys or pigs, so thank you for sharing glimpses into these lovable creatures lives with your readers. I look forward to another year of your your great photography, delightful sense of humor & new adventures as life continues to surprise us all.

  9. Ellen,
    I am humbled by your kind words. Thank you so very much.

  10. I agree and wish- wonderful world with you each and every day!


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