Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Wind Chill of 25 Below!

Isn't that what we used to say when we had had enough?

That Arctic vortex has seemingly settled itself right over the farm,
and it is cold beyond cold here!
Everyone is staying indoors today....with lots and lots of hay... or heat lamps!

Every surface is covered with a layer of ice.
And may I just add that these are not the conditions under which
one would enjoy chasing down a band of bad ponies who have gone AWOL!

Forgive me, I have gotten ahead of myself.
Let's back up to yesterday... when, luckily, it wasn't quite this cold.

It was early afternoon and I had just made bread dough
and set it aside to rise when the call came.
I answered the phone and the conversation went something like this....

Becky:  "Hello.  Your horses are up here at my place."
Me: "You're sh***ing me!"
Becky:  "I sh** you not."
Me:  "I'll be right there." (hangs up phone) "*@*%*@*!!!"

I quickly threw on layers of warm clothing and headed to the barn...
all the while knowing that I had not let any stall doors open earlier in the day.

As I arrived at the dry lot,
I found that the gate was open and the horses were indeed gone.
(I had never even used that gate in the past couple of days.)

All that remained were two lonely donkeys...
who looked as though they had lost their best friends!

I grabbed a handful of halters, some hay and some feed for enticing horses.

Sure enough, there were my five horses...
happily grazing in our blueberry patch...

with Becky keeping guard.

The long and the short of it is...
we got those five equines back to the barn without incident.
(no minor feat with icy driveways to walk)

It always amazes me how innocent they look after these adventures.

Like nothing ever happened....

Didn't I just say yesterday.....

"It's always something!"

And I still have no idea how that gate got opened,
but I'm taking no chances...
I added an additional lock.

While I was out and about yesterday, I snapped these pictures of one of Becky's barn kitties.
She has two black barn cats...both named "Bob".

So, here is one of the "Bobs"...not sure which one.

But, he sure is photogenic!

Love those eyes!

Cat yoga.

PS:  the bread was great!


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I think I've had conversations like that before...(still laughing)

  2. Oh no! Glad the horses got back okay.
    I hope you have some hot cocoa today!

  3. as much as i would love to have a place like yours, in this freezing cold when i read this post i think to myself...not just yet! this weather sure is something!

  4. It's even cold here. It's 16 degrees this morning, and yesterday it was 22 but felt like 9. I know that's nothing compared to everyone else, but for this part of Texas it's highly unusual. It's been a pretty cold winter even here. (Which just doesn't happen).

    I'm glad the horses are safe! They must really love those blueberries!


  5. Wonderful photos ! Glad you got the ponies back in the pen with no mishaps ! It is frigid here today winds are howling and the temps are nasty - 23°C feels like - 35°C in the wee hours of the morning it was -40°C brr !
    Thanks for sharing . Have a good day and stay safe and cozy !

  6. Keeping you hopping what with weather and unlocked gates . . . I hope today is a better day . . . ALTHOUGH, more cold and snow may be moving your way . . . just sayin' . . .
    We are minus this morning and wind chills 35-40 below . . . and it hasn't stopped snowing for three days!

  7. Oh, my, there are always adventures and unexpected escapes! Luckily you were able to corral them without much trouble. Sorry it is so cold. We should be getting back in the low 30's soon. No snow yet but it's coming this week. Take care, stay warm, bake more of that gorgeous bread.

  8. They all must know you have a blog and so they feel urge to keep providing you with funny stories. Keep warm!

  9. OMG..Guess they thought Mom needed an adventure..Somebody has tricky lips..I vote for Moonbeam..You poor thing..I guess yesterday was better than today..Not that either is a winner..Bob is gorgeous..Glad you took your camera with you..Your bread looked luscious...One of the squirrels has learned to take the lid off of the feeder..I've found it on the ground three times..No accident..Spring is just around the corner..:)

  10. Life on the farm! So glad you got the horses back without incident. On such a cold day that would have really been bad.

    Stay warm,

    btw, I am looking for a series of winter shots for my Wordless Wednesday post. If you are interested in submitting a photo I would love to host it-Of course credit goes to you and a link back to your blog.


  11. Hello! I love your blog and I have a question for you. I am curious about your heat lamps. We have outside cats and a dog that is out in the day and in the pool house at night, but it has been super cold here, and I would like to give them a place with a warm heat lamp. Any information you could provide would be great. Thanks so much!

    1. My heat lamps are just the infra red (large, broad red bulb) with metal housing and metal cage type guard over the front of them. I hang one for each of the barn cats and also our garage cat about 2 feet above their beds. When hanging them, I make sure they have several attachments, not just the clamp attachment, but also I use a wire to hang it....just in case the clamp comes loose or gets knocked off. These types of heat lamps can cause fires if they get against something, so I am super careful to make sure they are adequately tethered above the area to be warmed. I do the same in my chicken houses, also.

  12. LOVE your posts!
    Beautiful animals.
    Thanks so much .

  13. New to your blog and I love it! Thanks for the laugh! Hopefully no more escapees for a few days!


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