Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Rainy Day Giveaway

Believe it or not,
I just wrote a rather boring post about the foggy weather.

And the rain.

And the fact that we all are staying indoors as much as possible.

I deleted the post.

It was just that kind of post.
Not worthy of reading.

Bland.... like the fog.

So, instead.
I will just get right to the point.

I am having a giveaway.


I am offering up this little, (quite roomy, actually) quilted, chicken tote bag 
that I created (without pattern) yesterday.

Here's the deal...
leave me a comment and give me an idea for an e-book.
I have a hankering to write a little book about the farm....
but I need a really good idea.
Something that you would enjoy reading about...
something that a lot of people might enjoy reading.

Best idea wins.... lots of good ideas and your names go into the purse to be "pulled"...
(not by a goat this time!)
Simple as that.
You have until Monday (Feb. 4th) at noon.

Now, get your thoughts cookin' and get back to me!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just For You....

I think you will enjoy this....
Roy Boy shows off his lovely alto pipes...
(Make sure you watch to the very end (and turn up your volume.)

Were you surprised???
I sure was! camera is red....I think that may have something to do with it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Dot, singing in her very best รก cappella goaty voice:

"Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match;
find me a find;
catch me a catch."

Yes, Dot has come of age.
It's time to find a suitable fellow for future mating seasons.
Dr. Becky (our matchmaker) has been searching for just the right beau
for our sweet little Dot.

Our present bucks cannot mate with Dot, as they are all relatives.
So, we are searching outside the farm for a colorful young man with good manners,
good breeding and dashing good looks!

This little fellow is in the running....
(he comes from a farm in we have purchased a buck from in the past)

Isn't he handsome?

Dr. Becky will be interviewing prospective suitors over the next few weeks.
We will let you know who she choses for Dot as soon as we know.

Early yesterday morning, we had yet another snowfall.
As usual, when bad weather happens, our fainting goats stay in their houses.

Mothers and daughters often bunk together.

In the buck pen there are 5 houses, and three goats.

Yesterday morning all 3 boys were in one house together.
Sadly, I did not have my camera.
But later that day, Fred and Donald remained in a single house, 

while Chip was alone in another. 

Now, imagine how tight that house was with all three!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Hike

I am told that the temperatures are to climb forty or so degrees this week,
out of the single digits to almost 50 degrees!

That will be a gift...
a reminder that the brass ring at the end of this wintry Merry-go-Round ride
is Spring!

The animals will love it, I am sure...

especially the pigs, who are not so fond of snow,

 but brave it for the sake of spending time with their humans.

The horses, in their lush fur coats, may even break a sweat.

The warmth will melt the snow,
and give me a chance to catch up on a little outside barnyard maintenance.
Perhaps I will even clean up the garden boxes a bit.
Regardless of what I end up doing, 
you can be sure I will enjoy the break from this cold.

Yesterday was a beautiful, blue-skied wintry day.
We took the opportunity to take the dogs on a hike.

A hike with the dogs requires two phases.
Phase one is a short, circuitous hike with all the dogs.
This short hike allows Maddie, our aging, arthritic Newfie the pleasure of accompanying us.
We head out through the wood pile, walk along the back ridge and circle back to the house.

Maddie, with snowballs in her paws, is happy to head back into the house.

With the girl dogs snugly tucked in the house,
we retrace our steps...out through the woodpile,

and out into the hemlock forest.

Here we hike up and down hill to the stream.

This picturesque stream, partially frozen, is one of our favorite spots 
and a swimming hole for the dogs in the summertime.

We see evidence of deer in many areas of the woods...
leaves trampled and snow melted in areas that served as sleeping grounds,
deer trails along the ridge, and droppings here and there.

Oakley and Sam, running through the woods, prevent us from actually encountering any deer.

On the way back home, we stopped by Becky's barn,
where she was tacking Sid up for a ride.

Outside were Ava and Old Duffy.

Duffy is at least 30 years old...
a gentle old soul who used to be an amazing ride.
He was the kind of horse that took care of his rider...
adjusting his body to always stay directly beneath his rider.
Happily retired, he spends his days with Ava, grazing away the hours.

When we reached our farm, we were met by Tom and Chuck,
who walked most of the way home with us.

It was great to have a day of sunshine....
the perfect ending for a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Week's End Wrap-Up

We've had a week of sub-freezing and single digit temperatures.

I've looked like this more than not... lovely warm.

It feels like a week of treading water.
Unfortunately, that water is frozen!
We've had frozen faucets in the barn several times this week
(and that's with a heat lamp hanging over the faucets)

I'm not complaining...because as you know,
my motto is to take whatever comes and be grateful.

So....Thank You, Mother Nature for this frigid weather.
I am sure it will serve a good purpose...
like perhaps decrease the amount of insects we deal with this coming summer.
See?  There is always a silver lining in just about any situation.

I am trying really hard to be a force of positive energy for this world.
To me, that means not only "no complaining", 
but also to change the way I actually feel about situations...
and to look for the positive essence that lives beneath the surface.
It may take a little digging, but it is always there, I am sure!

The best part of this past week is the fact that all of our animals are doing great...
even with the bitter cold!


Jill (my mentor) is still smiling!

Yesterday afternoon, Dot bargained extra hard for room service....

As did Spider...

"What?" he said, "You mean I have to come out of my house for dinner?"

Ginger and MaryAnn only venture out for potty trips, and to chat
with the occasional visitor.

"Can I have thith pretty green thing, Thammy?" Ginger whispered.
I bet you didn't know that pigs talk like that!

Sammy is amazingly patient and tolerant.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was doing farm chores,
Dr. Becky was walking her horses back to the barn from the pastures.

Three very large horses in hand...
what a brave soul she is!

Old Duffy, Ava and Sid were all well behaved, thankfully!
A lead rope with the chain across the nose is a great help.

Have a magnificent weekend!!
We'll be back Monday with more Tails from the Farm.


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