Friday, December 6, 2013

What Was Frozen Last Week Is Mud This Week

One of the differences between donkeys and horses,
aside from the obvious,
is the fact that....

horses (ponies, too) don't have enough sense to come in out of the weather.

They will stand out in the rain or snow or hail...
totally oblivious to the fact that it is precipitating.

"What rain?"

Whereas donkeys
(who I tend to think are of superior intelligence)
always know enough to stay inside when it gets nasty out.

"No way, we're not going out in this stuff!"

Perhaps it is just that donkeys are way vainer than horses.
At least these girls are.
They never roll in mud...
but prefer to keep their coats fluffy and clean at all times...
(except for pine shavings that end up on their backs from sleeping inside.)

With the showers we are experiencing, I thought it a good time to check out
our chain/rain barrel set up at the old log cabin.

It seems that this system works quite well in diverting the water off of the roof 
and away from the foundation.

See how the water clings to the chain as it falls to the barrel?
(Not to mention how cool it looks!)

Some of us have no choice...
and have to go out in the rain.
Thank goodness for waterproof rain suits!


  1. i love rain chains! enjoy the rain because it is all about to change!

  2. My daughter and I just came in from the morning barn and coop chores... you are so right, the horses stand out in the weather.. as do the minis! ... I have no donkey experience, interesting that they have cleaner habits. My horses were rolling in the mud in their blankets! Ugh.

  3. No rainproof pinafore? I am giggling thinking about. Pinafore made of oilcloth!

  4. No rainproof pinafore? I am giggling thinking about. Pinafore made of oilcloth!

  5. Who ever said Donkeys are dumb? Pretty smart girls to me! Love that rain chain!! Best go get my snow clothes on this morning. Yes, it's snowing here. Enjoy your weekend, Hugs!!

  6. I must be a donkey!!!! I don't like to get my hair wet!!! the weather here is somber and wet, fog is totally enveloping us, so inside it is for now.

    Annie v.

  7. Dear Beverly,
    Love the rain chain... Interesting facts about horses and donkeys...

    Have a question... The photo with the barrel, who and what is that in the window? Looks like a life size toy How funny!

    1. Oh Penny, Shrek and Donkey sit inside the old log cabin and stare out the window...just a little silliness to bring a smile to passersby...even though there aren't that many of them!!

  8. When the rain barrel overflows, does it go in to that trench???..Mollie is much like the horses..We got soaked this AM...Love the last picture..

  9. We went from 8-12 inches of snow on the ground to a complete melt off . . . It was like spring around here but guess what arrived today along with very cold temperatures. I hope the snow comes your way!

  10. Too funny, I am with the donkeys on this one! Glad you have the proper gear to keep warm and dry! No rain here but it got down to 2 last night....really cold but the nice thing is the sun is out!


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