Monday, December 16, 2013

The Magic of Snow

Sunday morning we awoke to a fresh blanket of snow.
I am still in that part of the wintertime where snow excites me.
In December and January, I view the snow through romantic eyes...
through magical memories of childhood days.

First snows.

White Christmases.

Sledding, building forts and snowmen,
then coming back into a warm house for hot tea (lots of milk and sugar) and cinnamon toast.
Wonderful memories of a simpler time.

So, when I awaken to a world blanketed in white,
I am filled with wonder and joy!

Of course, at some point, reality sets in and I realize that I must trudge,
and dig, and shovel...
all the while trying to stay up on two feet!

But still, the magic remains.

I have many snowy pictures from yesterday to share with you....

These two boys just like to play...snow or no snow!

"Snow?  What snow?  Where's my Ritz?"

Daphne, the amazing one-eared long ear:
"Do we have to go out and play in the snow?...
we might get messy!"

"Hey Mom, whatcha got there?"
(camera, of course)

"Is it edible?"

"Yeah, Mom....whatcha got?"

Why is everyone so fascinated by the camera?
If I were just standing there, they would ignore me!"

"MOM!  Whatcha got?"

...says the abominable snow-mini!

Have you been eating snow again, Red?

Two abominable snow-minis...
hoping to find a little grass beneath all of this snow!


  1. Ahhh, what sweet photos of the furbabies in the snow. I've never seen that much snow before.... and never will. It does look beautiful - even magical - after it first falls.


  2. Enjoyed all your pics..Thank You!! I love it when our dogs go out and get a "snow bath"!! Your animals like the snow much more than our chickens do!! We got a huge snow storm least 12 inches but haven't heard the official amounts yet. Even our 13 1/2 yr old lab tried to act like a puppy. Have a great day!!

  3. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Love all the snow pictures, cute snow minis! Our weather man kept reporting on the snow in your area yesterday. He's originally from PA. so we get updates. We are back to normal again, the frigid cold is gone, yeah! Enjoy the week, Hugs!!

  4. It is always such a joy to visit you and your beautiful animals here. The snow photos makes my heart stand still.. Just beautiful! I have always lived in California, so seeing snow is such a treat for me...
    Enjoy the holidays Beverly

  5. snow is so magical! it even makes this city quiet! i love seeing all of your buddies enjoying the snow and looking for treats!

  6. You are such a little kid..What a fun post..You obviously got more snow than we did...Love your pictures and your farm deco...Stay warm..Yep..Walking is treacherous and I walked Mollie almost 2 hours today trying to find a place where she would poop..We had success finally..That's hard work..

  7. same came down here this weekend and more for tonight. I does look beautiful for a while !!!!

    Annie v.

  8. I am the same lol I love the look of a winter wonderland not so much the feel of the cold though . We had snow falling from early Sat morning till Sunday 7pm we got lots as well ! Love your photos and post , The minis look like our Miggs does with snow all over her face as she snuffles in it lol . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  9. Lovely pictures - all of them. : )
    We have snow here too, snowed all day and more on the way tomorrow.

  10. Fun pictures of "the family kids" in the snow! I do that remembering thing too!


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