Thursday, December 26, 2013

Piggy Pudding For All

I was in the feed room yesterday afternoon getting everyone's dinner ready.
Being Christmas, I had brought a bag of carrots to the barn with me...
so that everyone had special Christmas treats with their dinner.

Across the aisle from the feed room I heard some quiet singing...

"Now bring us some piggy pudding,
now bring us some piggy pudding...."

as I cut the carrots and added them to the horses' vitamin/mineral supplement.

Moonbeam, starved as usual, was eager to get his Christmas treat!
Given the choice, Moonbeam always sings for what he wants!

As the horses munched away,

I heard two voices from across the barnyard yelling...

and we'd like some over here!!"

Ginger and MaryAnn never miss a trick!
And if everyone else was getting a treat,
they wanted one too!

Carrots are these piggy gals' most favorite treat.
"Munch, munch, snort, snort"....they chewed and crunched their carrot snack.

We couldn't forget the donkeys...
they got a healthy helping of carrots, too.

Daphne:  "Mom, we don't like theethe carrot thingies!"

They ate every last morsel of their chow and left the carrots.
("We don't need no stinkin' carrots!")
I was going to remind them of the starving donkeys in China...
(does that line ever work?)

Everyone in the barn received a Christmas treat...
even Maddie...
who got to lick the cat cans clean.

Phew!  Tuna breath!
Yes, Maddie is still hanging in there.
She still has some weakness in her back legs, but it has not gotten any worse.
We are so thankful for all of this extra time we have had with her!

Hubbs and I spent a quiet Christmas day together,
as we had already had our family celebration on the weekend before.
We spent a little time giving extra loving to our animal friends....
making it a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas Day for you, complete with quiet with the hubs, animal visits, carrots and "piggy pudding!" Great hearing about Maddie . . . (tuna breath, not so much.)

  2. There is a lot to be said about a quiet peaceful day. I'm sure all the tails enjoyed a little extra time. It's off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho - ugh!!

  3. Persnickety donkeys, they are..Adorable post, Bev.. Glad you had a quiet Christmas Day and could wind down a little..Hope Santa was good to you...XXOO

  4. yep, this is the 1st Christmas Day that we did not have to rush anywhere or hustle our bustles to get the house/food ready... we actually had a lovely calm Christmas day... and Steak Frijitas for dinner... but I thought of you, Jack and the critter kids, and wished you all a very wonderful Christmas...
    And now to get ready for the New Year! Bring it on 2014! :>)

    1. Thanks was a great Christmas! Glad you enjoyed a laid back one as well!

  5. I am so glad that Mary Anne & Ginger corrected Moonbean about the phrase being "Figgy" and not "Piggy". What an frightening concept & to know that some animals are fine with the thought of eating Piggy Pudding is shocking. I thought the girls were quite nice considering Moombeam's error came across as a bit insensitive. I hope the girls know it was just a misunderstanding. Please tell Moonbeam that I made a similar mistake for many years thinking the line in a church hymn was "Bringing in the sheep, bringing in the sheep, we shall come rejoicing bringing in the sheep". I think I was about 45 years old when someone finally overheard me and, when they got their snickering under control, informed me the word was "sheaves", not "sheep". After I recovered from the indignity of it all, I continue to think sheep is a better choice for the lyric. It is a much more picturesque than some old sheaves of grain. So Moonbean, I sympathize with you & I'm sure bith of us will watch our words closely from now on.
    Daphne & Chloe are such divas to refuse to eat their carrots. It reminds me of something my Mom used to say in such situations "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face". How could they not love a sweet crunchy carrot? I happy that Mary Anne & Ginger enjoyed their treat to the last tiny morsel. They are such sensible appreciative girls. Dear Maddie, what a treat to lick the last bit of stinky goodness out of the cat food can. I am so happy that almost everyone, (OK, almost everyone) had a wonderful laid-back day on the farm, where some extra attention & a treat are always welcome & appreciated.

    1. Ellen, you gave me a chuckle!! You reminded me of when my daughter, Jenn, was little and used to sing Whitney Houston's song that had the line.."Don't take away my liberty!" And Jenn would belt out "Don't take away my BLT!" It made perfect sense to me!! LOL!

  6. Mommie, the donkeys wanted their Ritz!!! I love how you gave them all a treat, I did the same for Dash and the girls.


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