Saturday, December 21, 2013

Look WHO's Back!!

Well, here it is Saturday morning already!
Wherever did my week go?

(Thanks so much for all your words of support!)
It's been a very hectic time, but things are winding down....
winding down towards Christmas!!

So sorry I have not been around this week,
but we are back with more "tails" from the farm!
I wanted to quick share a picture of just who greeted us this morning in the barn....


this little fellow eventually got up enough nerve...

to turn and look me in the face...

He is a cute little screech owl who was most likely gathering nesting material in our barn.
These boys build their nests during the early winter so that 
they can use their lovely home to lure a willing female partner.
Mating occurs late winter with babies arriving in the spring.

This little fellow stands about 8 inches tall.

So stinking cute!

We are celebrating our Christmas with our kids (and Tyler) this weekend....
so we will be back on Monday with pictures!


  1. Good to see you back! And what a cute owl, I love it! We have heard screech owls on our property and have seen pellets, but never the owls themselves. Lucky you! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  2. Aw. I did wildlife rescue a few years ago and they were so curious and cute to work with. Hope all is well.

  3. I do think they are awfully cute but now I know what they can do to my chickens, so they really aren't welcome here anymore. I sure did love what good mousers they were but.....

  4. Oh he is a cutie ! Wonderful photos . Hope all is well have a good weekend !

  5. Oh I am so jealous..lucky you. So do they just live on mice or do they eat bigger critters?? Your pictures are fantastic. Hubby and I got the biggest thrill out of them ..keep the little fella.

  6. Welcome back! Hope all is well! Cute little bugger to be greating you. :-)

  7. Amazing photos of an amazing creature! I am so thrilled he decided to stay still & turned around to look at you. His expression seems to say WHOOO R U? There sure are a lot of fun captions you could put with your photos. He almost look prehistoric with huge feet& talons compared to his squat body size which is adorable. You would think all the lady screech owls would be fighting over who gets to nest with this little guy. Is that a wisp of cobweb on his ear?
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  8. Great photos. He doesn't look too impressed at the interruption! I hope his future mate will be impressed with his efforts. Bird behaviour is so fascinating.

  9. Think I've fixed my posting problem. I had third party cookies blocked. Hope this post goes through (you can just email me directly if it does, Bev) No need to add it to the blog.

  10. Sneaking back on a Saturday..That little owl is adorable but sure has a hateful expression on that little face..It's the eyes...Glad you're back..Missed ya..

  11. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  12. He doesn't look all that friendly to me. ;0D Enjoy your celebration with family! Safe travels.

  13. Hope you're better and your little owl is adorable!! He/She looks like a Furbie!!

  14. Totally adorable little fella. And so tiny. xox

  15. Welcome back! So glad to have you back! Love your little owl too!

  16. HELLO Beverly! Spring is right around the corner of the barn, Hurrah! You will be tending your blueberry bushes in no time. Hope the bees survived the winter.


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