Wednesday, December 11, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed......

Another lesson learned...the hard way!

When relocating a possum from your henhouse,
make sure you give him a very long ride to his new home.

he will return.

Yes, ole Solomon knew a good thing when he saw it,
and made the trek back to the henhouse.
I found him yesterday morning as I was cleaning out nesting boxes.
What a surprise!
I wasn't expecting to see a creature with fur staring back at me as I bent over
 to clean this box!

But there he was, and none to happy to see me, either.

I'll spare you the details, but I captured him again in a garbage can,

and hauled him at least a mile down the road.

Sammy was quite interested in the smell emanating from the can.

It was all he could do to not chase this little fellow as he hobbled into the woods.

I feel absolutely awful about this.
You see, I must have hit his little hind foot 
when I was trying to get him off of the back of the nesting box, 
because he limped as he ran into the woods.

Seriously, friends, I felt horrible knowing that I had hurt his little foot!
Hopefully with time he will heal and be ok.
"So sorry Solomon!"

Even though opossums are about the creepiest of our local critters,
I still hate to see any harm come to them.
These little scavengers are actually omnivores who will eat just about anything...
including chickens (bones and all!)
They truly are the sanitation workers of the forest.

Did you know?...

Opossums are the only marsupial in North America.
(carrying and nursing their newborn in a pouch for 2-3 months)
Opossums have a very short lifespan...2-4 years.
(they have many predators)
Opossums are comfortable in trees and stabilize themselves with their tail.
(they do not hang from trees by their tail, however)
Opossums are placid.
(despite the 50 sharp teeth they show when confronted)
Opossums lived during the dinosaur age!

If you are completely fascinated by these facts,
you may want to join the National Opossum Society!
Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing!


  1. maybe the boo boo while also deter his return. i was thinking he would return.they know a good thing when they find it.

  2. I'm so surprised he hadn't gone after the chickens. What a relief! I'm not sure a mile is going to be enough distance so I'd be on the lookout for a limping ugly creature named Solomon at some point in the near future.

  3. Oh my, I was afraid of that! Did you also read in your Society pages how far they can travel???? I got my fingers crossed he won't return. Needless to say I won't hold my breath! hugs!!

  4. We have oodles of them here. My Dad used to always call them Paul P. Possum. I haven't had any problems with them, except they ate every single one of my ripe grapes on the vines!!!
    ; ) Kris

  5. Oye ve... Opossums sure are scary! Those sharp teeth and long snout. And they eat chickens... I'm sorry to say we wouldn't be relocating a possum if it happened upon our farm. I'm glad you are so nice to ALL critters :)

  6. Too Funny! One of my girlfriends inherited a baby opossum and kept Sally for 3 years when she passed of old age. She slept all day and was really friendly when she was awake!! She was their garbage disposal and she was supplemented with dog food. Vet said to give her all their chicken bones since they need more/extra calcium and this is how they get it. Funny little creatures!!

  7. I cannot believe you get that close to a possum. You must have nerves of steel!

  8. Solomon will most likely be fine..It will just take him a little longer to get back to you..Maybe he'll be nicer to you as well..xxoo

  9. I'm not sure a mile is going to be far enough away :(

  10. I, too, hope 1 mile is enough but we will see. Never a dull moment on the farm for you, Bev! But I know you love your life there!

  11. Glad he is now relocated further away... they have always given me the creeps for some reason.

  12. Hope he takes the hint and stays away this time.

  13. Do you think he will travel the mile back . . . maybe so . . .

  14. Possums do not like daylight and they can get disoriented…Best to let them go at dusk when they can see, and someplace there is ground cover…….

  15. Opposums can't see in the daylight and get disoriented easily, best to let them go at dusk when they can see better, and someplace with ground cover ….

  16. I never realised possums looked so scary looking, I expected them to be less tooth and more fluff!


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