Monday, December 2, 2013

Gray Days of December

Cloudy skies,
cold winds,
snowy leftovers in no hurry to leave...

Winter's chill has made an early arrival.

Leaves gone,
branches bare,
homes left behind in the skeletal remains of what was once lush and green...

not all that long ago.

The land is clothed in a winter parka of grays and browns
as feathered friends fly by...
headed for temperate climes.

The rest of us seek warmth where we may...

and snuggle together in comfort.

Outdoor visits are brief...

a break from the endless hours spent hibernating.

Some barely notice the cold...

a layer of fat and insulating coats to keep them warm.

while others seek to avoid it.

There's no mistaking it...

winter has arrived on the farm!
And it looks like it's here to stay.

PS:  We had a super Thanksgiving celebration with family.
Of course, Tyler was here and requested a visit with the animals.
So, off we went in Grammies gator (a mine is still in critical condition)
to give the goats a Ritz cracker treat...

and visit with the piggies...
"Hey piggies, wake up!"

Now December and the Christmas season is upon us.
My shopping is done, and so is my wrapping (don't hate!).
Decorating is at the top of my list for this week.
I'll share pictures as I finish that task.


  1. How do you manage to have shopping finished and wrapped and do all the farm responsibilities too . . , you are a dynamo! Happy decorating!

    1. Most of my shopping is done online. UPS loves us! That way I can sit in my leisure time and get it finished. Then a trip to TJMaxx fills in all the little extras. I took one frigid day last week and did a marathon wrap. The chores are bare minimum now...the garden is hibernating, so there is so much less to do.
      No dynamo here....maybe a little type A, though. I have no choice. I am surrounded by type A's! LOL!

  2. Dynamo Woman for sure!! I must be the world greatest procrastinator! I do have about half my sewing finished. But I've found as the grand kids get older it gets harder. I now know what my Mother meant by this. Christmas will come early this year as we gather over the mountain with all the family on the 14th. Best get a step on it.
    Even though winter has come to your valley I so enjoy the pics. I could snuggle in also with that nice fire going! Stay warm dear friend, Hugs!!

  3. It must be that layer of fat that makes me not mind the cold..That and a warm, down coat..Love Bobbys house on wheels..Too cute..As always you're a big leap ahead of the rest of us...

  4. Wonderful photos . It is damp, chilly yet mild and gloomy here and our snow is almost gone . Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  5. I have yet to buy the first gift....blah! I cannot imagine having all them bought and rock girl! THe pics are just lovely....Love all the animals!!!! The fireplace looks cozy...I would get nothing done....I love a fire burning in the! Enjoy! Blessings!

  6. Winter looks wonderful at the farm.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to upcoming winter. I'd love for you to share this on the Maple Hill Hop!


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