Friday, December 13, 2013

Equine Ice Capades

This is a familiar afternoon scene on the farm.

It might look like three horses walking alone down the road,

but buried in that mass of brown fur and hooves is Dr. Becky.

Her horses Sid and Duffy, along with Shirley (pony and sister to my Donnie and Scarlet)
graze in our upper pastures during the morning and afternoon,
and then head back to the barn at afternoon feeding time...
seemingly by themselves.
(Ok, her horses are really good....but not that good!)

My equines are enjoying the time of year when I relax
 about how much pasture time they get.
There is virtually no nutrition left in our front pasture,
so regular feedings of hay sustain my herd.

Grazing gives them a little extra exercise as well as prevents boredom!

The ground is completely frozen with a crust of snow and ice remaining.

Our daytime temperatures have not been warm enough to cause melting,
so the horses and dogs "crunch, crunch, crunch" as they run through the pasture.

We've been having the type of cold that we usually experience in January!
Bitter cold....bone chilling cold!

I sure hope wherever you are you are toasty warm!!
I will be spending as much time as possible in front of a fire this weekend...
with a mug of hot tea, or hot chocolate!


  1. I really enjoyed the blue sky, crispy weather look as the horses grazed . . . Nice photos!

  2. Burrr! But the horses are beautiful against the sky. I have my fingers crossed that warmer temps are headed your way. We are above freezing this morning, the first time in two weeks. I will try and push it east!! I know a long push! Enjoy your weekend snuggle in by the fire, hugs!!

  3. freezing cold here too! we are in for the big storm starting tonight, are you too?

  4. I have a feeling it is going to be a long winter.

  5. Nice pictures..I thought "Dr. Becky" was in there..Hope your weekend is warm and peaceful...Hope your day went well..xxoo


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