Monday, November 4, 2013

Vaccination Day

With the help of Dr. Becky, we make keeping our animals vaccinated
a priority.
Frontline application and heart worm prophylaxis are a monthly task.

Yesterday it was time for the piggies to get their vaccinations.

Ginger and MaryAnn have never been a problem to vaccinate.
They are so very motivated by food that if you have a treat to occupy them, 
you can do just about anything to them.

While they don't enjoy their vaccinations, they tolerate them 
thanks to a bowl of carrot coins.

These girls' skin is very tough and difficult to get a needle through...
in fact, their rump is almost impenetrable, 
so Dr. Becky vaccinates them in the shoulder area.

A little squeal of protest is about all they give us,
as they munch, munch, munch on their yummy carrots.

When the carrots are finished a flake of hay takes their mind
off the harrowing (not) experience.

They never hold a grudge... 
actually, I think they forget the "ouch" almost immediately.


Saturday Hubbs and I had a day away from the farm.
We joined a group of our friends and headed to State College
for the Penn State - Illinois football game.

We had a blast and returned home to find this gift from our dog sitter:

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did....
we laughed hysterically!

PS...that ending frame was supposed to say:
"Thank you Kelley!"


  1. Oh My! I love that chicken! Where did you get it? That would make a great Christmas gift for my youngest daughter.


  2. My hubbs and son were also at the Penn State game on Saturday-----great ending to the game. Always a good time at Penn State football.
    Love your blog and all of your animal friends-----even your egg laying chicken in the kitchen.

  3. I enjoy your posts very much . . . Happy you had a day away and were welcomed home with giggles over the gust.
    SOOOOO funny!

  4. Jill, the chicken had a "Hallmark" tag on it, so I am guessing you might be able to find in in a Hallmark store....or even online.

  5. Cute chicken..thanks for the smile..Glad you had fun at the game..TTYS

  6. Absolutely awesome chicken. Pigs also very cute. Like them.

  7. On my that chicken was cute lol . Glad every body had their shots , gota keep them healthy ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. Oh my that chicken was funny!!!
    Glad those two got their shots without a problem.


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