Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The In-Farm-Ary

We are running a convalescent home at the present.

Amanda had a shoulder reconstruction on Monday...
making her the one-armed farm gal.

Even though she is at a loss when dressing, driving, eating, etc.,
(her surgery was to her dominant side)
she still insists upon helping out with farm chores.

One armed goat feeding....

One armed turkey herding....

Her shoulder immobilizer hidden beneath a poncho...
which, by the way, the goats find to be exceptionally scary!

As soon as she walks towards them, they take off running across the field.

It's not that they are afraid of Amanda.
It's the poncho.
They've never seen one before.
And that's just how fainting goats are about anything new.

They either run, or faint.
(I was hoping they would that I could share that picture with you.)

Our other patient continues to be Maddie.

I am happy to report that she is doing much better on the Prednisone and antibiotics.
She is now bearing weight just fine on her back legs...
albeit a little wobbly, but much improved.
We continue to say our prayers and keep our fingers crossed!

As for me... I am enjoying clear blue skies and cold crisp breezes...

and making sure everyone is well cared for!


  1. Silly goats! I hope Amanda's shoulder will heal quickly, as I am sure she must hate being one-armed! And lovely to hear that Maddie's condition has improved. I remember reading somewhere that water therapy is great for arthritic dogs, but I think Maddie avoids the water doesn't she?

    Kathy from Tasmania

    1. Actually, Maddie loves the water and does quite well because of her arthritis. This current problem with her is not her arthritis, but most likely a disc in her back or a tumor. Because of the weakness in her legs right now, we are keeping her out of the water...afraid she might drown. Hopefully she will still be with us next summer and stronger so that she can again get in the pond.

  2. Amanda how frustrated at times you must be with not being mobile with your arm in a sling. I hope the time goes quickly for you.
    Bev my heart see Maddie still with us. I hope the meds and some rest help
    to keep her comfortable
    LOL a field for goats all passed out would be some
    Turkey pictures are always fun. Every time you post one I say to my husband I still want some but with our coyotes I know better. They would not be safe outside even during the day. Hateful things are every where. The other night I had them on my porch..poor wild cat had gone under to get away from them.. I was not impressed!!!
    Keep well. .

    1. We think a Coyote was responsible for Edith (female turkey)'s demise last year. Keeping them penned up at night seems to keep the coyotes away. Never had any problems during the daylight.

  3. oh what good news about maddie! heal quickly amanda!

  4. Yay for Maddie!!! and for you.

  5. That arthritis stuff can get you down . . . hope the meds help Maddie big time! They say shoulder surgery is the worst . . . (not sure who "they" would be.). I hope Amanda feels tip top soon . . .
    Like your blue skies . . .

    1. Thanks, Lynne. Amanda is a trooper, so she will do well I am sure!

  6. The fainting goat thing is hilarious.. never seen it in person, but have seen videos.. I'm guessing it's a... defensive mechanism? Don't attack me, I'm already DEAD!?... lol..

    glad your pup is improving, the big boys seem to have the most trouble -

    1. Love, love love big dogs, but probably will not go that route again. I hate all the problems they end up with!

  7. Best wishes to all the convalescents. So glad to hear that Maddie is improving.


  8. Get well soon Amanda and obey the Doctor!! So glad to hear that Maddie has improved. Bev, you are such a good Mama and Nurse!!! Hugs!!

  9. Great news with your Maddie and also Amada. Liked the pictures. Everyone scared of the coat running..

  10. Oh my..glad everyone is on the mend...Speedy recovery Manny..

  11. They are very lucky to have such a caring person looking out for them.

  12. Quick healing to your daughter! Ouch!

  13. Lovely photos ! Hoping for a speedy recovery for both . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  14. That is so funny about the goats!

  15. Hope Amanda recovers quickly. Oh and the dog too. The goats are so funny. xoxo,Susie


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