Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Donkeys Have Their Wooly Bangs Again!

There is absolutely nothing new happening on the farm.
And that's just how we like it this time of year!

We've been hit with a wintry blast of weather.
Early morning chores are done in 20+ degrees.
Yesterday morning brought a light dusting of snow.

We all hibernate in the warmth of our homes...
the horses and donkeys in the shelter of their barns,
the cats and pigs under heat lamps,
the chickens curled up in the hay.

By the time afternoon rolls around,
and the sun has had a chance to chase away the frost,
we all come out to play for a while.

I sit on the ground in the donkey's yard while they entertain me with their tricks.
Chloe shows me how she can count...

and then she runs out of ears.

I would never sit on the ground inside the horse's dry lot...
I would be danced upon for sure!
My horses are somewhat goofy and not always aware of what's under foot.

The donkeys, however, tiptoe ever so carefully around me,
like delicate ballerinas,
never stepping on me as I lie on the ground snapping pictures skyward...
their gentle noses nudging me.

Time spent with these girls is always peaceful.
They content themselves in just being close to me...
nudging, sniffing, allowing me to cover their noses with kisses...
patiently accepting my long hugs around their necks.

There may be no other animal so perfect as a donkey.
You might not agree with me...
but then you've never met Daphne or Chloe!

To quickly follow up on yesterday's post...
(just in case you are new to my blog)
Becky is Hubb's sister.
She is an equine veterinarian and has a house and a barn on our farm.
Just like all of my equines, her horses have access to a warm barn
to get out of the elements, also...
in case you were worried about old Duffy.


  1. I would love to have the opportunity to experience donkeys. Through various blogs I have found myself always drawn to the blogs that are very similar to yours. The first one that I became a fan of was Linda Carson's the 7 miles south of nowhere blog. Very interesting lady and I love how she loves her animals! I enjoy your blog on a regular basis but this is the first time I've commented. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ahhh, donkey snuggles!! Wooly bangs just means more to dig your fingers into and scratch!!! Love your donkeys!!! Hugs!

  3. One thing I never worry about is the animal population on your farm..They are better taken care of and loved more than most people..

  4. donkey unibrows! too cute. i don't know much about donkeys. have you ever posted info about them?

  5. Wonderful post and photos . I would love to be with the donkeys . WOW ! Duffy is an oldie I have never known a horse to live past 26 . The weather here is windy and cold but the sun has been shining and we did get a dusting of snow to but it is all gone now ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Aww, I love donkeys! Such a comical bunch; great photos!


  7. Daphne & Chloe... the "unibrow' look! lol!

  8. Donkeys do seem to have very strong personalities! They have such a reputation for being stubborn, but they are obviously very gentle too. I thought of you when I saw this donkey rescue video. Very sweet. xox

  9. I have two donkeys also, and would NEVER EVER trade them for anything in the world! (I also have one horse). And like you, I have gone out to sit in the pasture with my donkeys, with no fear of them ever stepping on me. My donkeys, I do not ever fear of them kicking me either. Where as My horse, I always am, (can't say on guard.), I guess cautious would be the word. As wonderful as she is, and sweet and kind, and watchful, she is a bit more clumsy than the donkeys. I am sure she would NEVER EVER kick me, but there is always protocol in walking around horses. But donkeys, you can hang out and just be you! Drink in their cuteness. Breathe the same air. Kiss on their warm fuzzy noses. Give lots of butt scritches. rub some belly's. Massage some ears. Yes, hanging with donkeys is just the best!


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