Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Oscar-Nominated Sammy

I have a story to tell you about this fellow.
And although I have a whole lot of pictures...
none of them actually belong to the story.

The pictures?  A practice photo shoot...working on portraits.
More about that later.  (I have much to share.)

The story?
Our story takes place Saturday afternoon.
Amanda and I decided to take a walk and invited our friend Kathy to come along.
(Kathy is Jim's wife.  Jim is our neighbor who graciously gives me a day off
each Wednesday from farm chores.)

The walking route we chose was around our "block".
(which is actually about 3 miles)

As we left the farm and walked down the road past the duck pond,
Sam greeted us on the road.

Not wanting to make the trek back up the long driveway to home,
I decided to take Sam along, 
and fashioned a leash from the string in (now pulled out of) my sweatshirt hood.

At about the half way point, Sam began to limp and
walk on three legs.

We stood by the side of the road and let him rest,
while he licked his front paw.
Trying to walk again, he would only bear weight on three paws and held one up in the air.
I examined his paw and found nothing visible....
but he kept insisting that he was injured.

Kathy called Jim and asked him to come and pick up Sam in his truck.
Five minutes later, Sam was chauffeured home by "Uncle Jim."

We continued on with our walk (about another half hour).
As we reached our farm lane,
we could not believe our eyes.

Pedaling up the hill was Hubbs,
and Sam was joyfully running along beside him....
obviously not injured.

(Hubbs never even knew that Sam was gone...
apparently Jim just let Sam back in the house,
unbeknownst to Hubbs.  So when Hubbs asked the dogs if they wanted to go for a bike ride,
they enthusiastically said "YES!!!")

now do you see why we call Sam "Bad Sammy"?
This little guy is about as manipulative as they come...and smart.

I have come to the conclusion that he was not enjoying our little walk...
especially the part about being on a "leash"....
so he found a way to end the walk...
and get on to something much more fun!

about those photos...

After all of these years, I have finally decided to take a photography course,
and learn to use the manual settings on my Nikon DSLR camera.
If you are using your DSLR camera on automatic and are afraid to try manual,
please give these guys a chance to teach you.
I guarantee you will learn so much!

So, here is a quick demonstration....
Sammy, taken with the camera on automatic:

Sammy, after I changed the settings, manually:

Sam even looks happier with the manual settings....just coincidence!
Do you see the difference?
Why has it taken me so many years to try this?

And last, but not least...
a piece I call "Wagons Ho!"

Last night's moon, taken manually:

Go ahead...try it!


  1. That lil' stinker! Maybe he wanted you to carry him the whole way!

    I've not yet ventured into the manual setting on my camera. Congrats on taking a course!

    What a wonderful neighbor to give you a day off like that. I'd love to do that for someone!

  2. what a funny story! when i was little, we had a beagle that hurt his leg. he got so much attention that when his leg healed, he would run like crazy until he saw one of use and then he would limp to get all of our attention. they are so smart!

  3. Oh Sammie, the trickster!! Love the changes in the photos. I just need to get a camera!!! Hugs today!

  4. Good Ole Sammy! I think you take awesome photos of all your animals and farm life!! Great manual of the moon too! I especially love your log house that you keep up!!

  5. Sammy is my absolute all time favorite animal on your farm!!! And I do live them ALL.

  6. Sammy is my all time favorite animal on your farm! And I lovethem all!

  7. Silly Sam..He knows how to work the system for sure..I would love to improve on my pictures..Don't know what to do with manual settings and fear it may be too complicated for my feeble mind...I have to be shown stuff..I understand and remember it better..I'll check out that website..

  8. That Sammy is just too smart for his own good. Maybe he wasn't counting on the cell phone being used to whisk him back home home. I think Sammy had visions of all you ladies fawning over his psudo-injury, ending your walk and heading back home where he wanted to find some better entertainment. I wonder if you had turned back towards home, would the limping have miraculously disappeared? I have long thought that Sam would have made a great animal actor because he is such a ham & is so smart - now I know for sure.
    It is such an improvement in the photos were taken on manual. it is hard to believe they both came from the same camera. There is so much more depth & a portrait-like quality to the 2nd photo. Loved the chickens going Westward Ho. Beautiful colors. Have fun with your photography classes. It's always great to improve your skills, especially when you already own the camera.

  9. So many dogs are crazy smart. Sammy spends all of his free time trying to figure you out. :)
    I have yet to get serious about learning photography for real. You photos are definitely a testament to understanding more than the on/off switch on the camera.

  10. Sammy the Trickster . . . for sure.
    Love your Moon Shot . . . on manual . . .
    Perfect daily Around the Block, three mile walk . . .

  11. Love your pictures of Sammy. Wow. Great job. Please take some nice pictures of Maddie soon! :o)


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