Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Moonie, the Mooch

At the base of our driveway is a wonderful historic landmark....
a 250 year old log cabin.

Once a one room log cabin built over a spring,
it was enlarged to include a second downstairs room and an upstairs.

The date of this renovation is unknown.

Although this piece of history serves no real purpose,
we have tried over the years to keep it in tip-top shape.

Over time, however, rainwater running off of the roof,
 has caused the foundation to begin to collapse.

For the past several weeks we have had a gentleman, who specializes in restorations,
work on the water issues to assure that our little landmark will last beyond our lifetimes.

Besides reinforcing the foundation with concrete,
he has also installed rustic gutters.

These gutters drain onto a chain that directs the rainwater 

into an old whiskey barrel cistern.

Isn't that cool?
The whiskey barrel then drains into a channel on the back side of the cabin
that directs the water away from the foundation.

Meanwhile, back at the barn...
While the pigs are away...

and outside during the day...

Moonie and Donnie are trying their level best to mooch some hay!

Moonbeam bends down as low as he can
to eat what little hay he can grab in front of the door.

He has only once broken through the fence.
I added these boards so that the pigs could have their door open.
Attaching them on the inside was a necessity so that the door could be closed at night.

1500 pounds of Haflinger can push his way through this door if he really wants.

"Who me?" Moonbeam says innocently.

Yeah, Moonie, I see that hay hanging out of your lips!
Meanwhile Donnie acts completely innocent.
"I'm just standing here scratching my back, Mom."

Needless to say, the door got closed and locked for the remainder of the afternoon.
Fat horses don't need snacks!


  1. i love that cabin. will you ever restore it to make it liveable? i love rain chains and have them on my guest house. sneaky horses but also very cute.

  2. Cool cabin!, glad to hear you are preserving it.

  3. Love the old cabin . Oh cheeky horses and the piggies with kitty soo cute . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  4. So cool that you are being good stewards of the cabin. Smart folks, all those years ago having "indoor" water. I'm not sure I would like the constant dampness it would have brought though.
    Naughty ponies! How many hands is Moonbeam?

  5. Beautiful Cabin. So glad to see the effort in it's restoration. These old buildings are such an important part of out history.

    A little bit of electric wire along the top of the piggies doorway "fence" should take care of a hungry halfie and his sidekick. ;)
    Heather in PA

  6. I love the chain and whiskey barrel approach.
    Oh your horses are so clever, aren't they? And yes, they just look so very innocent in that last photo.

  7. Cool! Your property would be a dream come true for me!!!
    Love the last pics of the hay snitching!
    xo Kris

  8. The house is beautiful! Love seeing the animals. The cat lover that I am...what have all of the kitties been up to??

  9. Love your rain barrel/ chain comdo..I was thinking gutters before I continued on in your post..Hope it works..

    As for "Moonie"..Food is a great motivator..Max is going to get his nose cut off some day..Always has his nose in Mollies food when I am cutting it up..
    Have a gooder..

  10. It's good of you to keep that cabin restored. I love old buildings like that. And those horses! I so like the look of Moonie. :)

  11. What a neat old cabin and a part of history that you are helping to save. Great idea to use the old barrel.
    I really enjoy your blog. We have just moved to farm country a few months ago. Though I don't live on a farm I love walking past them and getting to know the animals.

  12. I have always loved your cabin, am so glad you keep it in tip top shape for future generations to enjoy. I have seen those marvelous chain gutters and have thought of using them on our old house. love it!


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