Friday, November 1, 2013

Making the Most of a Rainy Day

Halloween gave us a drizzly, foggy, soggy day...

the kind of day that keeps everyone under cover 

or indoors

with the expectation of room service!

I made sure that everyone received their treats,

and then spent the day indoors giving our guest room a makeover.

In 2009, when we built our log home,
I longed for one room that was super-feminine, shabby-chic.
And so I planned that one of our guest rooms would be just that.
The finished room looked like this...

The kids dubbed it "the purple room" and drew straws over who would have to sleep there.
The antique dresses on the walls apparently made everyone uneasy....
envisioning them floating through the room on their own like an apparition.

And so after 4 years of living with the purple room,
I decided that I am "over it" and set out to give the room a facelift.

It now looks like this....

I have to say, I like it much better!

(And no ghostly apparitions to worry about!)
And yes, life is good!

PS:  Happy November 1st!!
Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Have a terrific weekend....
we'll be back Monday with more Tails from the Farm!


  1. I love the makeover! Simplicity at its best. Enjoy your weekend, rain or shine!

  2. Much better. Crisp and clean looking and the ceiling fan and wall vent no longer look out of sync. Like!

  3. It is really windy here today and raining again . Oh I do like your room make over very cozy ! Wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  4. I like the room makeover too! Looks like we are having your kind of weather or you are having ours!
    Enough wet and gray already!

  5. The room looks wonderful..Clean look..Good job...I hope those ghosties don't come back to haunt you.
    The old room definitely had a certain charm..Have a wonderful weekend..xxoo

  6. I like how a makeover just freshen the room up. I like the make over but I also love the "purple room". We won't talk about the much needed make over at my house!!! So glad that room service is still available, LOL!! Some happy animals on your farm! Hugs!!

  7. Good Job!!! Any guest will feel homey and cozy in your room.

  8. great job with the guest room! i like it so much!

  9. Oh, I so it. I am not into the shabby pinks and lavender...I guess I am just a more modern girl. I like classic looks too.

  10. Too funny about the floating dresses. I love the new room and the colors.

  11. That is too funny about the dresses but I love the make-over!

  12. I loved that room when you built it in 2009 gosh can so much time have passed? I really like it now too. It looks warm and very inviting, I bet you will have no trouble with people wanting to sleep in it now.

  13. So true,,, Life is Good!
    Hugz & Happy November 1st to you and yours....

  14. Great re-do. I always think I want a girly room, but have not gone there yet :-)

  15. I love 'both' the rooms. Beautiful makeover though!
    Which dog is better at driving? :)

  16. Kudos on the new room. It does look much better. xoxo,Susie

  17. I like the room both ways.
    I have a purple office and
    the name of my blog is Life is Good. : )

  18. The room looks great! No more drawing of straws? LOL

  19. I too longed for one room that was feminine and all mine. I have decorated my sewing room in softer hues, of pink and green. A floral wing chair for doing handwork, an off white ottoman with a skirt. A green flower rug. The wall are soft pink on the bottom third, with a soft green on top. I removed the closet doors, had an electrical socket installed, and keep a soft light on in the closet when I am in there. I wallpapered the entire inside of the closet in a tiny pink rosebud print. The room is my favorite hideaway.
    Love your redo on the guest room!!!
    xo Kris

  20. I can see that it's a welcome change. I don't think I'd want to sleep in a room with floating dresses.


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