Monday, November 18, 2013

Bangs and Eyelashes are Highly Over-rated

I would love to say that this weekend was completely calm and quiet
 for us here on the farm...

and by all outward appearances it was just that.

I frizzled off the bangs on the right side of my face...
along with the eyelashes!
NO! No pictures!
In an attempt to burn up the wood scraps left over from work on the old log cabin,
we started a burn barrel on Saturday.
I'll spare you the details (mostly because you might think me insane),
but, lets just say that the beginning of the fire was a...
Goodbye bangs and lashes.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
(I ordered a tube of lash me vain.)

Maddie has lost the strength in her back legs.

We have her on fairly high doses of Prednisone.
Friday was a bad day, since then it has gotten a little better.
Every day is a waiting game.
Everyday is filled with prayers and hope.
All the while we know what looms around the corner.
For now, though, we just give it more time.
There is no suffering or pain... no torture for our old gal.
Thank you for caring so much about our old friend.
And for those of you who have or are experiencing the same with furry friends of your own...
I share your pain.

Life goes on, however...and there is so much more life here at the farm.
I wanted to share a couple of funny chicken things with you.

First...notice the one white feather in George's tail...pretty fancy!
It's quite special to have a whole gang of roosters "cock-a-doodle-doo"-ing
all around one's house!

Our Roos, because their house is so close to ours,
spend quite a bit of time around out log home...
in and out of the garage, gardens, walkways.

This picture just tickled my funny bone a little...
as if those silly Roos (as per the sign) consider themselves to be "guests".
"Uh, yeah, guys...this is where we're supposed to go!"

Just to show you how smart chickens are....
You might remember that Rose and Ivanka, my elderly chickens, live in the barn now.
And Milford, on his frequent visits to the barn, has requested conjugal visits with the gals.

Sadly, Milford does not seem to understand the meaning of "no",
so the gals have come up with a creative way to avoid his advances.

They hide inside this wire pumpkin...

a sort of chicken chastity belt!

" at last!"

I always say...animals are smarter than we think!


  1. poor maddie...this makes me so sad. i hope she shows some improvement on the prednisone. now you know why i like pumpkins so much. i learned the chicken's trick long ago...haha!

  2. The chick chastity belt had me laughing . . . (Liked that wire pumpkin shape too.). The bangs and eyelash, fire happening . . . not laughing, sounds kinda dangerous too.

    And Maddie . . . well to be honest, I am sad, sometimes The Circle of Life has chapters other than happy.

    I care about you and timing decisions . . . selfishly thinking about when we too may one day face that decision.

    I know it helps to remember Maddie and joyful days, I am caring . . . for you right now.

  3. Have you tried Metacam for you Newfie? We have our Irish Wolfhound on it and the difference it made was immediate. He went from struggling to running (well, the best he can run) literally overnight.

    1. She has finally started to do a little better...we took her off the NSAIDS and glucosamine, etc. and switched her to Prednisone. It's a wait and see thing... Thanks!

  4. That they are very smart ! I am sorry to hear of poor Maddie . Oh we had chickens running around the farm and we had a Rooster with one leg we named Alfred that would hop up the small stair case to the kitchen peek around the corner to see what mum was up to then turn and go back down and outside again funny it was he was just being nosey lol ! Lovely photos ! Have a good day and prayers for Maddie !

  5. I'm enjoying your blog so much! I can agree with you although I only have cats, but animals are very smart! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Angie. And cats are very smart!!! And cunning!

  6. Oh Maddie!! My daughters lab is in the same shape with the hind legs. But she is still such a happy dog. Love those silly Roos but glad they are yours. No Roos in my hen house! One word of advise - stay away from fire stater agents!!Glad no ER visit!!

    1. No burns, just a little singed hair...frizzled! I feel for your daughter, June.

  7. So sorry to hear about your accident with he fire. I hope everything grows back quickly!
    I love the way the hens avoid the roos. So funny!

    1. The accident was minor...just cosmetic, silly, really...thank goodness. Those hens are smart gals!

  8. watching a furry friend reaching the end of life can be unbearable , having been there many times, I am sending you warm thoughts.

    At least the roos bring a bit of relief, you do make me smile describing their antics.

    Annie v.

    1. Thanks Annie. There is always much to smile about.

  9. Thank you for the update on Maddie, and yes, I am one of those
    in the same situation with our dog, Max. I had written you some time ago and we too are on a day to day basis, questioning our motives and logic. Thank you for sharing and for the uplifting humor regarding your chickens. So
    nice to take a breather from grief.

  10. Milford is the dumb one..That doesn't look like the greatest chastity belt...No Bangs or lashes !!
    New look for the Holidays...Hugs to Maddie..

    1. I still have them, they are just frizzled. The lashes are there but half as long! Will give Maddie lots of hugs!!

  11. YIKES!!!Why were you so close to the fire?? :( I think of Maddie often as we have a 13 year old choc lab who is going through the same thing. It is so hard to watch but she is still have some good days and I keep reminding myself what you said..we WILL know when it is time. Milford should come and visit us...When I go to collect eggs there is a few hens that will put their belly way low and thump their feet...kinda funny to watch..Hubby said thats what they do sometimes when they are looking for a roo...not sure if it is true or not but it sure is funny to watch them perform their "dance".

    1. Well, was just a matter of my arms not being long enough!! LOL! If you were closer, Milford could come and stay...forever....we have plenty of Roos!!

  12. I'm glad Maddie isn't in pain. She is certainly lucky to have such a wonderful family. Love all your roosters!


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