Tuesday, October 22, 2013

With Frost Looming....

Yesterday was the last of our temperate October days...
says the weatherman.

With temps in the low 60's, I took the opportunity to get some outdoor work done.
Mowing for the last time, raking leaves and cleaning the pasture were the chores of the day.

As I drove the gator through the front pasture picking up manure,
the pigs were snuggled in their stall sleeping comfortably beneath their heat lamp.

Nighttime temperatures are consistently low, now...
so the girls must have their warmth!

Here is a good illustration of one of the temperament differences between my
horses and my donkeys.
As I work outside the horses' fence, they ignore me... munching on hay.

The donkeys, however, stop whatever they are doing and come over to the fence. 

Donkeys are such social creatures and love interaction with humans!

"Hi Mom!" says Chloe, through the fence.

"Hey, don't forget me!" adds Daphne.

"We love you, Mom!".... 
(I am sure that's what these two smiling donkeys are saying!)

Horses, on the other hand, say... "Got food?"

Oooohhhhh... I don't believe Ollie has been brushing his teeth!
(This is what happens, kids, if you don't brush your teeth!)

When the rest of the work was finished, 
we headed to the garden to harvest the remaining vegetables.

With the exception of more lettuce, chard, kale, cabbage and some carrots and beets,
this is the end of this summer's garden.
We have supplied our own produce for the past 6 months...
and saved a lot on groceries!
It's sad to put the garden to bed for the winter,
but it will give me a little extra time for other activities instead.


  1. hang on to your socks if what we are getting is coming your way! it just dropped 6 degrees in the last hour and is 42 here. it's raining and windy and should be snowing by this afternoon. those 2 piggies are too cute!

  2. Lovely photos ! I still have some garden clean up to do and the weather has just changed with out warning . The temps now have dipped to 37°F Feels like 30 but the sun is out so that makes it a bit better for working out side ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  3. Love the donkeys 'Hey Mom" photos, cute, cute! I'm keeping my weather!! Nope not sharing! it's been in the seventies during the day and forties at night with no rain for the 10 day forecast. Now just get me in gear and get some yard work done when I get home from work. You know daylight is fleeting and soon it will be dark when i get home, boo!

  4. Cute Chloe and Daphne banter...Yes it's sad but time to put the garden to bed..Miss Minerva hopes you'll give her a snowsuit to weather the winters icy blast..

  5. Beautiful photos!!!
    I am impressed with your bountiful garden!!!! Love those friendly donkeys!!!
    And your previous post on the pizza party...what fun! Cracked up at the singing into beer bottles and salt shakers!!! We have some very similar photos here!!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Ha! It really does look like those donkeys are smiling! They must be very happy donkeys.

  7. I SO envy your gardens/produce!
    I also envy your having mini donkeys. Donkeys really are more social with humans than horses. I wonder why that is?

  8. Your donks have such wonderful and expressive personalities. xox Your weather sounds much the same as ours... cooling here today and rain in the forecast. I do however think there will still be a few warm days ahead for us here in southwestern Virginia.

  9. Since you have so many beloved creatures on your farm,
    I was wondering how you steel yourself when you put one down
    due to old age or illness? I am facing this with our much
    loved Sheltie for the
    first time in my life and cannot
    bring myself to euthanize him (nor
    can my family). Any words of wisdom
    since you also have Dr. Becky there
    to guide you?

  10. The hardest things we have had to face has been the death of our beloved friends. We lost two of our dogs this year. I have been asked before "how do you know it is time?" For me, there has not been a question...each time it was obvious. But I have thought long and hard about this. I think dogs have a way of letting us know when they are ready. And to help them through this last phase of life without suffering, pain, fear, etc. is the last loving thing we can do for them. To hold your beloved pet as they drift off is, for me, the best way we can thank them for the love they have given to us. To find a vet who will provide this service at home is a Godsend.

    When we lost our Sadie this Spring, we all cried for weeks.... We did not cry for her, however, because her death was peaceful, without suffering. We cried for our own loss. Now, though we still miss her, our hearts are full of warm memories of our quirky Bernese.

    I do not delude myself....I know that each and every one of our beloved friends....horses, donkeys, pigs, goats, etc. will leave us one day. And I know that we will help most of them pass peacefully. We will have days and days of grief. But the days of joy we have shared with our four legged friends far outweigh the sorrow that will eventually come.
    Except, that is, for the donkeys...they will most likely out-live us!

    You will know when it is time to say goodbye to your Sheltie...you will see the joy leave his face and living will be harder for him than leaving. Don't be afraid to help him when that day comes. Just be with him and hold him and love him as he passes...that's all he wants from you.

  11. Hi Bev! What beautiful vegies you grew this year. And love seeing your horses and friendly donkeys! Loved the story about the pizza party too. What an awesome blog. Wish we lived close to you folks!!!

  12. Congrats on providing your own food for 6 months! That's quite an accomplishment. Your critters are well-loved, it's plain to see.

  13. Great photos . . . get ready, snow here this morning!

  14. Thank you so much for the very thoughtful and personal reply to my
    question about euthanizing a loved
    pet (in our case, our Sheltie). Your words created a stream of tears down my cheeks so you know
    how true and sincere those sentiments are. I will share them
    with my family and they will inspire us to be brave and get
    through the decisions and after
    effects. I'm grateful to you.


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