Monday, October 7, 2013

Turkey Parade

It has been several months, now, since I moved the turkeys to their new house.
And still, every evening they return to their old stomping grounds...
and roost on the goat yard fence.

every evening, early, we escort the turkeys back down to the barn,
to their new house.
It's the daily turkey parade...
if anyone saw us walking behind the turkeys flapping our wings to keep them going,
we might just be involuntarily committed!

Last night as I was walking the turkeys home,

we encountered Moll in the field.

The turkeys, never missing a chance to intimidate, began to follow....

as you can see, Moll could have cared less!

With the turkeys safely stowed away for the evening,
I stopped by the garden for a chat with Minerva.

She confided in me that she has grown weary of gardening
and is ready for the season to finish.
A long winter's rest followed by a spa visit is just what will cure her garden blues...
her Spring return is always a welcomed event!

The last of the flowers remain in the garden...still beautiful as ever.

It seems, though, that the kale is not as lucky.
The kale has sustained a widespread attack by an army of marauding beetles...
eating it right down to its skeletal remains.

Hopefully those nasty bugs won't find the kale flower growing just a few boxes away.

I am counting on these to help get us through early winter.

I also wanted to share another update on the roosters' pumpkin carving project...

Each day it gets a little more ornate!
I see a mouth and perhaps one eye at this time.

After several days of weather in the upper eighties,
we are hoping things cool down to typical October temperatures.
Hot weather is not too comfortable for donkeys who have started to grow their winter coats!

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Here's hoping your day (and your week) is a great one!!


  1. SO in love with Minerva and her flower garden. Must watch the video now.

  2. i think this rain is headed your way. the cool temps have just moved in and i've opened my windows once again. those roosters sure are artistic!

  3. A winking cute...Minerva looks like she did pretty well thru the summer..I'd be tired by now too..Time for a little change..
    PS It's raining !! YAY!!

  4. Great post Bev! Loved the video.
    Enjoy your week.

  5. I am not getting any sound on your video.

    It stays on mute. I see them running and the turkeys.

    The other video but not a sound loud.

    I have my speakers up.

    Nice pictures and story about the Turkeys.

  6. Ha Ha! I love the rooster's pumpkin. It appears they worked dilegently on their project.

  7. Lovely post and photos ! Oh poor Moll I know what it is like to get pecked in the bum lol Hope your Kale does well and the bugs bug off lol It has cooled down a lot now to normal fall temps for us here , fresh cool winds are blowing today with sun popping out through big puffy clouds rolling by ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. P.S The rooster have a master piece going there . lol

  9. That pumpkin is beginning to take on a Pollock-esque look... :)


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