Thursday, October 3, 2013

Relaxation and Celebration

Because there is a never-ending list of work to be done,
it is imperative that we occasionally be intentional about just relaxing and enjoying
our wonderful surroundings.
I take a little time each day,
but Hubbs...who works away from the farm... sometimes needs a little reminder to 
kick back and just relax.

Last evening, as I was breaking in the pizza oven...
(it requires small fires for three days to dry everything out)
I thought it the perfect opportunity to just relax and hang out in front of the fire.

With the smoker going...burning wood to supply the necessary coals for
putting into the oven... I decided to save energy and throw several
chicken breasts on the smoker for dinner.

A salad from the garden would round the meal out...

with a little wine... to toast the completion of the pavilion.

With our friends...Oakley, Sam and Maddie... and a couple barn kitties,
we sat in front of the fire and enjoyed our meal.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to breath deeply and just rest.
And that is just what we did!
A romantic dinner by the fire with our best friends (4 legged)
was just what we needed.

I have to share with you what life is like with a big old Newfie.
Here is Maddie before dinner.

Here is Maddie when she realized there was a little chicken left over for her...

Newfies and drool go together like white on rice!

Everybody got a little chicken treat...
and everybody enjoyed the time together by the fire!


  1. The brick oven looks beautiful. I love the way the stone and brick look together.

  2. i am sitting here in the kitchen laughing out loud as i read this. teddy would love that chicken but she doesn't drool! cute maddie girl!

  3. As I just adore your Newfoundland I used to have one and yes I know where your coming from when you talk about drool lol

  4. what an oasis you have created there on your farm :-)

    and oh, I give you credit for dealing with the drooly dog dilemna. I am a dog lover through and through, but I have always avoided bringing home a drooler because it would bother me too much... lol.. I know that sounds terrible.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to relax with your furry family. Can't get enough of those pizza oven pics. What a great addition to that space. Hope to see pictures of it in action (with recipes) soon!

  6. Happy times..Did Hubs try to cut off the end of his thumb??? The oven looks great...Anticipating good things

  7. Ahhhhhhh, relaxation!!! What better way then outside with the 4 legged kids! Hugs!!

  8. Hi there friend. I have been lurking, but not having a lot of time to comment. Congratulations on the completion of the pavillion! My husband and I want to do a pizza oven in the worst way too. I can hardly wait to see the goodies that come out of there!!!
    xo Kris

  9. A lovely YUMMY dinner and evening out in your own pavilion , how wonderful and best friends with ya to boot awesome ! Wonderful photos .Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  10. Wonderful! Both the oven, the dinner and the company!

  11. The oven looks wonderful! I love your picture comparison of Maddie. Too cute.

  12. LOLOLOL I'll never complain about my Lucy Lab-mixes drool again. At least she usually just drips, LOL

  13. Looks like a wonderful "breaking it in" time!


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