Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long-Eared Love

We are in that time of year when we awaken to frost on the ground,
and ice on the buckets.
But that frostiness is replaced by noon with temps around 60.

Sunny, blue sky days of autumn are perfect for outdoor work

and perfect for time spent with our four legged friends.

I spent some time grooming the donkeys yesterday afternoon,
in the warm sun.

Such curious creatures, they never miss an opportunity to turn just about anything into a toy!

 Daphne eventually got ahold of the brush with her teeth...

and gave it a toss...

Meanwhile, Chloe came up to me and asked for an ear rubbing.
(one of their favorite things)

I guess when your ears are that big, they get pretty itchy.
The donkeys love for me to sink my fingers inside their ears and rub, rub, rub.

They hold still as if in a trance!

That is, until something else catches their attention.
"Hmmmmm...a tasty pink boot!

Yes, that's my leg she's lifting there inside that boot!

Meanwhile, look who's outside the gate begging to join in...

Ok, Sammy, you can come play with us!

It's great to be loved....and there's always so much love going around!


  1. Oh nothing like animal love ! Wonderful photos . We had a warning of hard frost this morning but got nothing , it is chilly out but refreshing and the sun is just starting to rise here now over our valley. Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. Ahhh, kisses mom! There is a mini donkey farm not to far from me that is having an open house. I'm planning on going so maybe I will get some ear scratching in.That's about as close to owning donkeys as I will get. Hugs!!

  3. Love when the sun shows itself in a blue sky this time of the year.

  4. There's always love at the love farm..Good pictures..Mollie loves that ear rubbin' too..

  5. Love seeing pics of the great critters!

  6. Oh, I love donkeys! I'm thinking about adding a mini donkey to the barnyard to keep the goat company. Good idea, or recipe for disaster?

  7. Dear Chicken Mama,

    My only advice is to start with a young donkey. You have more opportunity to mold behavior and less chance of getting someone else's behavior problem.
    Have fun....they are wonderful loves!

  8. Hard to believe you still had the where with all to capture that last pictures with all those kisses! Good job!


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