Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's Great to Feel Welcome!

It's late afternoon.
The chores are finished.
Before heading back to the house to make dinner,
I take a moment to visit the pigs.

"Hey MaryAnn!"

"Hey, Ginger!"  I call.

The best of hostesses, they both come running...

grunting their "welcome!"...

the special grunt that tells me they are happy to see me...
not to mention that obvious smile on MaryAnn's face!

MaryAnn reaches me and immediately flops down, exposing her belly.

I'll give you one guess what she is requesting...
a belly rub, of course.
And of course I comply.

Ginger sniffs all around me and heads over to the tree where TomTom
has climbed for safety.

Moll is much more accustomed to the pigs than TomTom.

Eventually, though, he gathers his courage 

and hops down.

Bravely walking right past Ginger, he stops for a sniff...

then heads over to a grassy spot and lies down.

Here I sit, with two cats, two pigs, and Sammy outside the fence.

Ginger walks over to greet Sammy.

"Hey Sammy, come on in and visit with us,"  Ginger grunts.

"Uh, that's ok, Ginger...I'll stay right here,"  Sammy answers.

"Puh-leeease...." Ginger begs.

"Wanna kiss?" asks Ginger affectionately.

"Uh, no, that's ok," says Sammy as he turns his face away.

Before long, a car came up the driveway...
Amanda... home from work.

Looks like everyone was happy to see her, too!

It's no secret that pigs love food.
I think, though, that these girls love company just as much!


  1. How come Sammy didn't come inside? So sad for him...

  2. I would imagine that your blood pressure is always in the "perfect" category, for all the animal lovin' you get. :)

  3. Just love Ginger and MaryAnn! So sweet. I'm amazed that the cats are so comfortable around the pigs.

  4. Oh I adore this post, I love the pigs they are adorable. Great photos x

  5. I love your pigs! What kind are they? I have not been following very long and would love to know what breed.They look so healthy and happy.Thank you for sharing your home and animals!

  6. I always love "visiting" with the girls.....well, I enjoy "visting" with all the critters at Bee Haven Acres. Thank you for taking us with you every day, it gives those of us who don't have a place for farm animals a chance to dream.

  7. Oh they are all soo cute , pigs,dogs and cats all best buddies how wonderful ! Great photos ! Thanks for sharing. Have a good day !

  8. Another cute piggie post..Does Sammie ever go inside??? Love that expression on Mary Anns face in the 5th picture..

  9. Love those pigs. How much do they weigh? Please kiss all the farm fur kids for me

  10. Hi Amy...
    I am unable to weigh them, but estimate their weight at about 100 pounds....give or take 50!

  11. Ginger & Mary Ann are DELIGHFUL hostesses. They serve up lots of love & piggy smiles. They aure know how to throw a lovely multi-species get together. Where Ritz crackers served?
    I have been meaning to ask (If I am not getting too personal) - what are those 2 long dangly protruberances of tissue that hang from Gunger & Mary Anns' necks?


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