Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chicken Infirmary

From time to time the barn becomes a chicken infirmary.
Hens are quite unforgiving when one of them has a malady, or is just plain old.
They gang up on the weak chicken and in no time can peck her to death.
I suppose nature intended for this to be a survival behavior for the flock,
but here on the farm... I feel compelled to intervene.

And so, the spare stall in the barn has become a retirement home for Martha,
our elderly Rhode Island Red.

She has the run of the place, but prefers to remain in her stall...
close to her bed of hay.
Throughout the day she gets plenty of visitors, so life is not boring I am sure.

Sam, farm ambassador, stops from time to time and gives her a sniff.
Farm ambassador is the perfect job for our little brown Sammy.

He lives for spending time amongst the animals...

and never misses an opportunity

 to sneak into their yards.

He's very stealthy, that Sam!

Once inside, he surveys the situation...

and when he feels safe,

just lies down and takes a little rest...

always keeping one eye on the inhabitant.

You might be wondering where Oakley is when Sam is visiting...
Oakley is never far away; but does not share Sam's enthusiasm for visitation.
Oakley, like Sam, is always by my side... tail wagging... enjoying each adventure.

They are both the best farm dogs ever!

And now....for the big reveal.
The pavilion is finally finished and ready for our next picnic.

I spent several hours yesterday cleaning tables,

spreading stone dust,
moving logs for seating,
hosing everything down,
filling the wood box beneath the pizza oven.

Finally.... it's finished!!
Here is what is behind that little black iron door....

And last, but not least,
I added a few touches to my Autumn display...

Let me know if you'd like a few for your decorating...
I have a few to spare!!


  1. the oven is wonderful! the roosters are a great addition...hahaha!

  2. Oh the fun you'll have with that pizza/bread oven. I can imagine pizzas hot out of the oven with your own home grown tomatoes and basil.
    I look forward to your posts about using the oven.
    The portrait photo of Sam is fantastic. You've really captured his inquisitive look. It reminds me to get my camera low to the ground for a different perspective.

  3. Love visiting you, it almost feels like I am right there. I am looking forward to comments of first pizza in the new brick outdoor oven.

  4. Your pizza oven looks great! I'm sure it will get a lot of use.

  5. How exciting to have the oven completed. I'm sure you are excited to try it out.

    As far as ROOSTERS!!! No thank you! I've not had the best experience with those obnoxious boys! But gee, thanks for the generosity, they do make cute decor!

  6. Sammy is the perfect ambassador. I don't need anymore roosters, but yours make the perfect addition to your little display.

  7. Wonderful photos ! That Sam is a sweety very much like our Miggs just loves everyone and to be with them .Oh the pavilion looks wonderful . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  8. So happy your cute hen has a retirement home! And I LOVE your pizza oven....perfect for a party!

    Happy day,

  9. Ambassador Sammy..That's perfect..I love the pictures..especially the one where all ears are laid back...
    The Pavilion couldn't be more perfect.

  10. the roosters add a decorative touch to the pumpkins, but no thank you for your generous offer.

    Annie v.

  11. That last picture with the roosters and your decorations, looks like a picture post card. I like the way your roosters wander around adding their beautiful colors to the farm. What I do miss is the female turkey. I was sad when that dirty varment got her. Thank you for sharing with us, your blog truly brightens my boring life. Todd

  12. I want to come to a party in that pavilion and eat pizza out of that oven. It looks lovely! Of course, the animals would make it even better.


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