Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Autumn In The Garden

If you've read my blog for a while,
then you will know how I love signs!
I couldn't help but think that my newly planted garlic patch needed a sign.
And so I got to work creating one.

Besides looking cute in the garden,
this sign will serve as a reminder next spring to not plant anything in that
particular raised bed.
(Goodness knows, without the sign I just might forget!)

Temperate weather has helped extend our garden season this year.
Incredibly, we are still harvesting cucumbers, tomatoes,
peppers (hot)

and sweet.

The purple sweet potatoes lie beneath the ground ready for harvest,

but still are producing delicate purple blossoms.

This chard has been growing since May...
providing yummy greens for 6 months of dinners!

Fall lettuce has made for tasty salads of late.

Beets for roasting...

not to mention carrots and broccoli.

There are 12 new cabbage plants growing that will hopefully reach maturity
so that we can make another batch of sauerkraut this winter.

Inside the greenhouse I noticed this plant growing out of the stones...

and nestled in it's foliage... a pattypan squash!

I hope to keep this plant growing in the months to come!

Another surprise found amongst the zinnias...

a guinea egg, forgotten by it's mother...
no hope for development (guineas are lousy parents).

While at the garden, I check on Rosalie and her new pal.

We moved Ivanka, the Transylvanian naked neck chicken, to the barn
so that Rosalie would have a friend.

These two have hit it off well, and spend their days gossiping over tea and crumpets.


  1. your garden looks wonderful. i gave up and pulled everything out. get a sweater out...the cold weather should reach you by tomorrow! we are expecting flurries this weekend!

  2. Wow, your garden is amazing still!.. we put ours to bed already... the weeds got out of hand at one point, too far gone to recover, so we gave it up.

    I love how you are so good to your critters.

  3. What a lovely fall garden and cute sign Our two weeks of down pour ended most everything in my garden. A few lemon cucumbers and that's it!

    I love the photo at the end of the two chicken buddies. Looks like good friends! hugs!!

  4. That's got to be the best Fall garden you've ever! You are still so busy putting up that. What a great wife and mom you are.

  5. Your garden just goes on forever..I don't see any frost in the near future...Very cute sign :)..It's amazing how and where things reseed themselves...Have a beautiful day..

  6. Your garden looks great, ours is still producing chard, tomatoes, hot peppers and the occasional zucchini. My maples are just amazing in the yard - such a nice view. We had three deer run into the field beyond our lawn this morning, they kept looking back and sure enough not far behind them was our resident coyote! They had no fear though, she was just hoping our chickens were out haha! Luckily they weren't. We're going to have to keep them in now, they won't be happy! Love your farm pictures!

  7. You have a beautiful garden. I want to try a container garden next year. And I'm so glad Rosalie found a friend. Good news for the both of them.

  8. (((sigh))) I miss having a garden. Gardening for food has become a lost cause where I live. The weather and lack of water make it too difficult. I've worked at it for 15 years and have given up.

  9. We are so fortunate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I just planted my fall garden. We will have lettuce, kale, brocolli, cauliflower, carrots and fresh herbs all winter long. However, we could just as easily flood and lose our entire summer garden to a tropical storm next year. There are trade offs wherever you live!


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