Monday, September 16, 2013

The Last Crop

There was a time,
when our cities were smaller...
and our countryside expansive....
dotted with small family farms.

It was a time...
when we grew much of what we ate, or at least knew who grew it.
Family meals were the center of our day...
and much of our lives revolved around providing those meals.

Then "progress" came along and suddenly our attentions shifted elsewhere.
And the family farm?
It started to disappear.....

"Asphalt is the land's last crop."
                                                  Rupert Cutler, Environmentalist

Two weeks ago I received an email from documentary filmmaker, Chuck Schultz,
requesting help in promoting his film

The Last Crop
(click on title to view the film's trailer)

As Chuck wrote to me....

"The Last Crop is an intimate exploration into who grows what we eat
 and what it takes to be a farmer in today's America.

At the heart of our story is one family’s determination to address three critical issues facing farmers and our nation’s food system today: the affordability of farmland, the fragile balance of farm succession, and ultimately, the preservation of small family run farms."

Today, Chuck and his production company begin a campaign,
to raise the last 25% of the funds needed to complete this important documentary.
I pray he reaches his goal.

What can we do?
Besides the obvious... supporting his film...
just as important is supporting small farmers!

And while you are at it...
support local farm markets, co-ops, CSA's.
Eat at restaurants that promote local fare.

Can you imagine a world without this?

PS....Please take a moment to visit the links that I have provided in this post.
If you can help with this film...please do.
If not, perhaps you could take action in other ways.
The only way we can make a difference is to try.

Be the change you wish to see in our world!
Tomorrow I promise to be back with more Tails From the Farm...


  1. wonderful...i will check out the link during my down time!

  2. I couldn't get the link to the trailer to open.

  3. Tried again and it opened...


  4. There is another movie coming out titled "GMO OMG" ... GMO's and the horrible stuff Monsanto and the other chemical companies promote are also working hard to poison all the crops and our food sources. They are instrumental in killing off the small farms, as well.

  5. Will do...not a fan of asphalt..It's a bad situation...Would love to see it reversed..

  6. Looks like a compelling film. So sad that family farms are disappearing...

  7. To many concrete jungles and not enough farm land now a days . Being raised on a farm I want to see more farms and less cities . I cant imagine life with out farms or the country side . Slowly I find that farms and homesteads are making a come back or at least trying . I will pop over and take a look at the links you provided here . Long live the farm I say ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  8. I tried twice to donate. It wouldn't allow me past the first page (which contained my name and address). It noted "loading" but never allowed me to continue. I'd love to support this film and will try tomorrow.

  9. I had similar thoughts as I visited a very small apple orchard and farm today. I felt so melancholy as I drove away . . . much of what I value seems to be vanishing.

    WE need to be the change WE wish to see in the world . . .


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