Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sammy Tries Again

It was afternoon feeding time and Sam was ready to play.

"Come on, Sally...don't you want to play with me?"

"Go away, Sam...can't you see I'm eating," replied Sally.

"Hi Mom, no one wants to play.  I'm thirsty, anyway."

"Can't I have just a little, Sissy?"

While Sammy was trying to sneak a quick drink,
I noticed this at the feeder.


Goats can be extremely resourceful when they have an itch to scratch...

Sammy next tried to entice old Jill to play with him.

I think he was satisfied with her kind of play, too.

Every time he came close to her, she ran him off again...
with just a look!

sort of like a game of chase.
(Where only Sam is expending any energy!)

(Sammy's favorite!)

Last are a few pictures of my flowers.
This is what they look like today.

All too soon, summer's vibrant colors will be gone...
replaced by the grays and browns of winter.

Let's enjoy these colors while they are here!

Zinnias keep on giving and giving.
I have cut so many bouquets of this for the house.

Lovely cockscomb...I think I will try drying this.
Wouldn't it look perfect on a Christmas tree?

love, love, love!

Purple asters...my favorite of the fall flowers...

Second life for spring's violas...

Snapdragons... remind me of my childhood.
They were planted around our house.
Have you ever squeezed a snapdragon by the cheeks and made her talk?

What? You never heard of that?
You definitely need a visit to the farm.
I have much to teach you!


  1. sammy is so cute! why won't those goats run and play? we had snapdragons planted all around our gardens when i was young. i always pinched their cheeks to make them talk. did you alos "pop" the buds on your hostas?

  2. Wonderful photos ! Oh that Sammie is a hoot ! Yes I did that to with snapdragons my mum had them in her gardens to , thanks for that memory . Some flowers are done here whilst other hang on still looking pretty ! Cool nights and days now with the fresh sweet smell of the fields in the air ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Oh Sammie, the entertainment you provide! I love all the flower pics. Yes, they will be gone soon and then the dreaming and planning of next years garden begins. It's off to work I go! Hugs!!

  4. Beautiful flowers and so many different kinds. It is hard to find the right kind for blooming this time of year. Love the variety you have.

  5. Poor Sammy. Love all the bright colors you still have from your flowers.

  6. lovely flowers and poor Sammy!! Just can't get anyone to play with him!!

  7. I talked with snapdragons as a child...long, long ago..Great flower pics...very colorful..Poor Sammy..He never gives up..

  8. Love Sammy and his playfulness . . . and your flowers are gorgeous . . . our color has already changed!


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