Friday, September 27, 2013

Peace And Quiet

I have so many favorite times of each day.
Sunrise... when my world is just awakening...

Then when the sun has risen just high enough above the horizon that the light is perfect
and nature's colors become brilliant and alive...

Then later in the morning, when the chores are done,
and everything is peaceful...

Later in the afternoon, as I finish the afternoon feeding,
is my time to relax amongst the animals for a bit of time.

I pick one group of animals...pigs, donkey, horses, or goats,

and just sit...

for the most part un-noticed by the animals...

enjoying watching the animals and their social interaction.

Interactions, like....

Sam: "Hi,  O'Malley.  Whatcha doing?"

Sam:  "You smell good.  Will you be my friend?"

Sam:  "Can I taste your food?"

Sam: "Mmmm...this is good.  Why doesn't Mom feed me this good stuff?"

You might have noticed that O'Malley says nothing.
She is very tolerant of Sammy and goes on eating... silently.

I love these little trans-species interactions in this peaceful world,
where no one feels threatened.

I lie here on my stomach, taking pictures, feeling like the luckiest person in the world.
I am surrounded by friends with the gentlest spirits.

I have learned so much from animals...
how to be silent,

how to be completely present and quiet my mind...
to just "be."

It is those moments that are truly magical...
and magic happens at those times.

It is in those times, when I am completely at peace and relaxed that
the animals seem to accept me as one of their own.
Yesterday, at one of those times as I lay on the ground,  O'Malley came and stood beside me..
shoulder to shoulder...
while Sammy sat on the other side of me.
Both animals calm, quiet, trusting, relaxed...

Just behind me on the other side of the fence...
two turkeys.
I wish each and every one of you could have the chance to sit
quietly with me and enjoy this peaceful world!

Unbelievably, we've reached another Friday....
my how time flies.
Monday I will have a finished pizza oven to show you!!
And next weekend, after the mortar has had a chance to dry...
and I have a few homemade pizza ideas to share with you.

It's the weekend....make it a great one!


  1. Hi Bev. On your previous post, what is the breed of the beautiful chicken in the first picture? Its colors are so pretty.


  2. Love this... and I can relate.. my farm is literally my respite from what sometimes can be a scarey and disheartening world. Now if I could only talk my husband into just two goats :-)

  3. Peace, my friend, is what so many need in their lives.Enjoy your peaceful Friday. Wishing the same for so many others.

  4. Beautiful post Bev . . . I sense your joy and peace in each of your posts . . . I liked the reminder of "learning from the animals."

  5. For a moment, I was there with you, between the goat and the dog. A good start for my day. Thank you for sharing. Julia

  6. Jill, that rooster in the first picture of yesterday's post is a Red Star.

  7. I look forward to your post everyday. You have such a beautiful life! The goats, the chickens, the ducks, the pigs, the horses... everything is so beautiful.

  8. Thanks for a wonderful Friday's post.

  9. This post made me more relaxed and peaceful this morning, Hugs!!

  10. Beautiful post. I so envy you this time you spend with your sweet animals. I love the interaction! It's just amazing to me. Love those pictures of the goats and chickens together! Sweet moments.

  11. gorgeous sunrise and mornings are so peaceful and all you can hear are the roosters crowing and the birds singing!!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  12. you live in a piece of heaven! all of your animals look so content. time sure does fly by these days. it goes way too fast.

  13. Lovely description. I was almost there with you. :)

  14. Although he's a bit of an imp—okay, much more than a bit!—Sam is a favorite of mine, because he wants to play so much, with anyone, and because he doesn't give up.

  15. Your chickens, guinea and goatie picture looks like a board meeting..I. too, need to learn to be silent..I thought I was..I guess I've found my voice :)

    Enjoy the weekend..


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