Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm All Ears...

A question for all donkey owners....

Is it me?

Or is it nearly impossible...

to get a decent picture...

Chloe, tugging on the camera strap.
of a donkey....

without the assistance of a third party?
Ok, so let's pull up a chair...

and eat it?

It seems that any time I go in with Chloe and Daphne,
they have to spend the entire time up close and personal...
which makes photography difficult at best.

Last night we tried apples for the first time.

Them, not me....
but I did have to bite it into pieces for them!

Neither of them was impressed.

"Here Daphne....try it!"

"Don't think I like apples, Mom."

"How about you, Chloe?"


Come on, girls....
you're making me look like an ass........



  1. Yes, it's very hard to get their photos :-) I have been giving our boys a treat of small Asian pears from our tree. They love it! And they really like little handfuls of Cheerios.

  2. The other donkey blogs I read have some success with donkey photography, although I have no idea why. Theirs are just as lovey as yours. Maybe a telephoto lens or a second photographer--like you used in the delightful last photo! :)

  3. Awww, you could never look like an ass for real. You are however sprouting ears. LOL

  4. LOL! Thanks for the morning smile!

  5. Thanks for the laugh..Love your ears..You got some good donkey pics..Do the piggies like apples?? I know when I've tried to take their pictures , they were either eating or in my face...It's silly for me to say "Enjoy your day"..I know you will..Hugs..

  6. A great chuckle this morning. I still want a pair myself even if they don't like apples, ha-ha!!Hugs!!

  7. LOL ! Cute photos thanks for the giggle ! One of our horse club friends have donkeys and they love the green granny smith apples .Thanks for sharing they are both soo cute ! Have a good day !

  8. Bev, That was a truly funny post ! You crack me up ! Todd

  9. You might want to try Linda Carson's blog, 7 miles south of nowhere ranch. She takes great pictures of her donkeys. However, I really like yours too.

  10. ummm, maybe you should wrap/coat the apples in a layer of Ritz crackers... hahahaha!


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